The Chronicles Year 7 Anniversary Event…

Hopefully most of you guys are on various social media outlets but for those that aren’t, VIP registration has begun for this year’s Anniversary Event, taking place on October 31st, 2015. The location will be the same as always and as we expect, it’ll be the same epic event that it has been year to year. I never expected anything from doing these events. I just wanted to get people together and supporters of the site to come hang out for the day and chill. Every year it has grown bigger and bigger and it has become an event that people really look forward to annually…

The first round of VIP spots have been posted and are now sold out. As usual, the spots sell out pretty quickly but starting last year, I reserved another grouping of spots so that people who missed out can still register…on one condition; their cars have to be screened and those that pass the screening process will be able to acquire a spot within the event. The first round spots come in a much larger group so the second round spots will be limited. It takes time to go over every email but I want to try to get this process going as soon as possible. I’d like to get the ball rolling by next week on the second batch of spots but if you’d like, you can begin emailing me now with detailed photos of your car and spec list at NORIVALNOEQUAL@YAHOO.COM. Once I get a good batch of emails, I’ll start to look through them to decide which cars will be a part of Year 7 aka “LCKY#SVN”. If you’d like some more information on the event itself because you are new to it or have questions, please visit the link below or visit the link at the top of this page. It should answer any and every question you may have in regards to the event itself…

Thanks for the support as always and I hope to see everyone there, cars or not…



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