The Chronicles Vlog: The Road To Super Lap Battle…(Part 1)

This video series documents Yuta Akaishi’s road to the annual Super Lap Battle event. Akaishi is a privateer driver and car builder based in Southern California who is currently rebuilding his 4-door Honda Civic for competition. For 2015, The Chronicles and Nemos-Garage have teamed up to be the official title sponsor for the vehicle and I will be following Yuta’s journey as the Civic undergoes a complete overhaul.

In this first part, we learn a little more about Yuta Akaishi, his roots in his automotive hobby, and the introduction to the Civic build, with details on what the future holds for this vehicle. Bear in mind that the car is still very much in the early stages of development but will be seeing drastic changes in the coming weeks as we prepare for the Super Lap Battle event in November of 2015.

You can also follow myself (@stickydiljoe) and Yuta (@yutaakaishi) for updates as they come on Instagram!!

As the months wind down, there will be much more content to come so don’t miss out!!

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