For those of you who have registered for the event, please read within to see the guidelines in which to roll-in to the VIP area to stage your vehicles…

For those of you who are spectating and just coming to the event to hang out, please also read within to see general guidelines for the event…

Everything is also posted in the Year 7 FAQ above so if you ever need to access it again, it is at the very top of this site…

By now, all who have registered will have received your VIP tickets. If not, they will be coming in the next day or so. THIS DECAL IS YOUR TICKET. Below is the information you need below. Posting here will make it easier than doing an email blast because it might end up in the spam folder.


• Awards are done!!

• Please present this decal upon arriving at the gate. This makes it easy for the people working at the event to spot and will make parking much easier for everyone. You have the option of placing it on your car or holding onto it as long as you have it with you upon arrival.

We ask that you arrive at the Eibach Springs facility by 11:30 am on 10/31/15 for parking and no later or earlier than that. We cannot have the streets cluttered with cars because it will make things difficult and the police and potentially shut us down if we block the streets. If you have
friends coming who have not purchased VIP spots, please inform them to come at 1pm and no earlier.

• Please bring your Paypal slip with you just in case. You never know, it might be necessary. If for whatever reason you lose your VIP parking decal, you will need this slip to indicate that you reserved a spot inside.

• Your spot inside the VIP area of the event is guaranteed so we ask that you do not go in and out with your car. If you plan to park in the VIP area, please stay as long as you can. Going in and out will just make things confusing for people who are helping out and cars that are coming in.

• If you have a friend who didn’t purchase a spot and you see a VIP spot open, please be respectful and do not try to tell your friends to come into the VIP area to take the spot.

• Typical meet protocol and rules apply, do not do anything stupid and we will show you equal respect.

• We ask that you please pick up after yourselves and do not leave trash everywhere. There will be trash cans so please keep the facility clean. Everyone that is helping at the meet doesn’t have to help and we want to throw a fun, clean meet where we don’t have to spend 2 hours after the meet
cleaning up in the dark. We are all adults and can follow simple rules like throwing trash away and not leaving stuff like diapers all over the parking lots and lots outside of the Eibach facility.

• Let’s have a great time and share more memories with our peers. Again, thank you for your continued support. This may be the first of many great events in the future!

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 1 PM IF YOU ARE A SPECTATOR. There will be plenty of general parking inside for you so do not worry. If you show up and clutter the streets or interrupt the set-up process, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE AND NOT BE WELCOMED BACK IN LATER. Most of you guys have done this before so are already aware. If you know someone who is new and are going for the first time, please let them know they we take this seriously. Thanks!!


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