The Chronicles Vlog 2016 #2 (Part 1): Wekfest Chicago…

There hasn’t been much that has been going on since we got back from Japan but the Vlog is back in full-swing now that the car show season has begun! These next couple of weeks will be a busy one as my schedule is pretty jam-packed with traveling. First, I head out to Chicago for the annual Wekfest Tour, and a few days after I get back, I am off to Osaka, Japan, for the Wekfest Japan event, which promises to be the biggest yet overseas. Once I get back from Japan, the epic Eibach Honda Meet takes place and you Honda lovers are going to love that. Vlog #2, Season 2, covers the Wekfest Chicago event exclusively…

In Part 1, we dive right into Chicago, Illinois straight off the plane. Ryan Der wasn’t around this time since he had other travel plans, and Yuta had to stay behind for work, but I managed to bring Tiffanie Chow (who is new to the series) along with me. Tiffanie is a talented photographer who loves to travel so we really hit it off and she has been by my side ever since we met. She started the tour off down in Wekfest Hawaii so it felt right to bring her along to Chicago for my journey. I’ve been to Chicago a couple times before but never for the Wekfest Tour. Wekfest started its nationwide tour 6 years ago in Chicago and hadn’t been back since. I wasn’t on the tour back then but after chatting with many Illinois-natives, the enthusiasts in this area were really looking forward to the show to see how much it had improved over the years. I didn’t plan to capture this much video but as I was editing, I realized that I had enough content to separate the Vlog into two parts. You will get a glimpse of the early morning roll-in of the show as well as my many, often awkward, conversations with some enthusiasts who hadn’t been on camera before. Enjoy and make sure to subscribe so you can see the rest of our adventures!!…

*I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see.

Some of the people that are in this video who have Instagram accounts:

StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Tiffanie Marie (@tiffanie.marie)
Wekfest USA (@wekfest_usa)
Ginash (@jdmchicago)
Nawshin Basher (@gotgr1p)
Chen Huang (@chenstur_itr)
Shyam Sookram (@hondatec18)
Joe Cheung (@licelsior)
Chris Sullivan (@crsfoto)

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  1. People have been sending me pictures of that EF2 from this event. Very clean car! Always cool to see other sedan builds! Cool Video too!

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