The Chronicles Vlog 2017 #2 (Part 5): The Final Day of Osaka Auto Messe 2017…

The Chronicles Season 3 Vlog #2 covers our near two-week long adventure from Hawaii and back once again to Japan for a very special event…

For the finale to Episode #2, I take you on a walkthrough of some of the vehicles featured prominently at the 2017 Osaka Auto Messe event, from VIP builds to shop demos cars, as well as some drift cars from Osaka. I didn’t spend much time filming on Day 2 but I made sure to get a lot of coverage of the show on the last day. After the show, we had to clean-up the booth and figure out how to get the Integra back to the shop since the Z34 was the one that ended up on the trailer back to Mode Parfume. We get into some sketchy situations but everything seemingly turns out fine as we end-up at a celebratory dinner with the guys from Mode Parfume, Exceed Japan, and SSR wheels. Sit back and enjoy the final days of our trip to Osaka, Japan…

*I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see…

Some of the people that are in this video who have Instagram accounts:

StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Tiffanie Marie (@tiffanie.marie)
Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@phaze2_yasu)
Masao Hirano (@modeparfume)
Freddie Fernandez (@autofashion_usa)
Seigo Doi (@d_seigo)

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