People Will Read Again…

“Stories worth telling…take time.”

The world doesn’t read enough anymore. Plain and simple. In this ever-growing, fast-paced, social media-driven lifestyle we are immersed in these days, it is very hard to keep anyone’s attention for more than a minute. We don’t even watch something these days without tapping the screen or hovering over the browser with our mouse to see how many seconds are left. I’d put money on the notion that you’re struggling to stay on course with what you’re perusing right now.

Bear with me.

I am deciding to go a completely different direction. I would like for you to read again, and to test the limits of your attention span by providing you with stories. These stories are not fables or fictions, but very real stories about people who should be relevant to you according to your specific hobby; cars. You know me most likely because of automotive tuning culture and what you will know about me is that I hold the individuals that make up this culture of ours in very high-regard.

For the better part of 8 years now, I’ve have presented to you with a very personal point-of-view of my adventures in the automotive tuning industry and community. In my adventures, you have also been exposed to many individuals who I have interacted with, many of them being or becoming lifelong friends. I’ve always been very interested in cars but what I have learned during my years toying with vehicles and being exposed to the culture is that the people I’ve met along the way are the true rewards of my efforts. It sounds cheesy, yes, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if the people around me didn’t keep me motivated to continue to do what I do. Honestly. I began my journey documenting West Coast car culture, primarily Hondas of course, but have since grown to covering events and automotive culture throughout the world, including Japan, which I always saw as the mecca of our hobby. “The Chronicles” was my story, my epoch, if you will, and I really have no idea when I will stop doing this. This story, however, much like anything else that is good, will inevitably end. I don’t sense the end looming or anything, I still love what I do, but it is realistic to envision the end of this journey as I near the 10-year mark.

And what comes after a great story ends?

Well, at the end comes an “epilogue”.
An Epilogue is by definition a short passage at the end of a literary piece or story that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened. I am going to use the meaning of this word loosely. Instead of giving you just one short passage, I am offering you a few passages based on the human beings that have influenced me greatly throughout this journey. What I want to do is tell their story. The Epilogues will be a collection of photos and writings about them, their automotive projects, where they are in life, and more importantly, how far they have come in these 8+ years.

This will be an ongoing, continually-evolving idea. I hope you choose to read again.

These are The Epilogues.


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  1. I’m 100% with your “concept”. I’ll be reading your stories!

  2. Very nice read indeed. Very nice blog indeed.

  3. I’ve got notebooks filled with stories, binders laced with articles and a hard drive filled with photos; and yet I have published nothing. Maybe it’s time to let these things see the light of day; because I believe you’re right, my friend, people will read again. Keep doing your thing, we see you!

  4. Thanks for inspiring people like me to continue with our passions!

  5. I do miss your writings!! glad you’re bringing it back!

  6. Totally agree with you, as a new, to your stories and an older generation car nut I look forward to more written word from a person who has seen it all and showing us his passion. Plus its good to see people writing again.

  7. Love to read, and always will. Please, keep posting!

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