The Epilogues Begin…

Hey everybody, I would like to invite you now to check out the new project that I mentioned a few weeks back, titled “The Epilogues”. It is a step in a completely different direction that what would be considered by today’s standards, “the norm”, in that I really want people to start reading again and to refocus their minds. Everything is so fast-paced these days and nobody seems to care about anything or want to stick around to stare at something for more than a minute. I’d like to curve that mentality before things get too far beyond repair. Our car community is struggling right now, it really is. Everyone is just merely building for instant gratitude, the thirst for recognition, and the want to be “famous”. We’ve forgotten about things that once really mattered. The first is passion and the other is knowledge. People are just doing things now because they think it will get them somewhere fast, ignoring the entire notion of actually caring about what they’re doing. They lack the passion and conviction to really stick around with a hobby that is important to many of us car guys who have been around long before the social media wave took over. Knowledge is lacking in that people don’t discuss history anymore or how things came about. Like, how did your present car community arrive to this place where it is now? Who helped to lay the groundwork for you to build and have a place where there are others who care about cars as much as you do? Where do you find that information? It’s practically none-existent. I started this project to encourage people to read again and to form some sense of understanding of the important people that have been a part of it for a long time now. There’s quite a bit of reading and it can be a little a test of your patience, but I would love if you at least gave it a shot.

I started this project with two very important people; Freddie Fernandez from Autofashion USA and Jonathan Wong formerly the Head Editor of Super Street magazine. These two individuals were huge influences of mine and also two very good friends of mine. I sat down with them and had them tell me a lot more about their lives and we discuss their impact on the import scene. Two very influential people to the community who never really had an open forum to talk about their lives and their thoughts on the scene as a whole. It is a fun, interesting, read. I promise that you will take something away from reading about their respective journeys.

Head on over now to The Epilogues ( and check it out for yourself. Thank you for the support and I hope you stick around for more!!


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  1. Hey Joe, I been reading your blog for few years on and off, I try to read every articles when time allow. You tried very hard to do coverage especially traveling to many different place in USA, with all those events and those pictures are in great details between you and Tiffany when it come to photography and ton of video coverage. I must say, whenever there a new content of picture or video, I click the PC mouse buttons as a insane fanatic clicker. I understand why people type in “Stickydijoe” in google in for the craze fans to search of finding the Honda JDM Chronicle website filled with detailed photos and written articles of every coverage that felt like a lifetime to wait for new blog update. I look forward to the new Epilogues series of blog of general automotive coverage of Honda or anything that arise in your blog or whichever something special written blog. I always check in your blog every single day rather than checking out Speedhunter, few other known blogs. I look forward to wait for any new update of content. Hopefully one day I meet you in person this year, that be awesome, your skills with Go Pro Hero is great, I always enjoy the video contents which save time not using photography but I do admire Tiffany’s help when it come to photography combine with your video coverage for any events, it does help a lot for many of us that have not experience the same level as you guys. I have enjoyed reading and checking out new contents on your website. I hope you guys would continue with passion and expand the website to something unique and beyond what it could transform in the future.

    From the reader of Virginia, USA.
    Doug Choe

  2. TYPOS:

    -Is the information “none-existent” or non-existent?

    -Should the mentality be “curved” or curbed?

    People are reading again. Without thorough proofreading it could be problematic.

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