The Chronicles Vlog 2017 #4 (Part 3): Osaka to Tokyo to California…

Make sure you don’t miss Part 3 of the Wekfest Japan 2017 Coverage directly below this post!! or CLICK HERE if you’re lazy!…

After Wekfest Japan 2017, we returned back to Osaka to get some rest. There were only a few days left for us in Japan so we just decided to hang out and have some fun. Our friends from Mecha-Dock invited us to a BBQ over at their shop so we headed over to a Costco to pick-up some food for the festivities. It was a nice chill day so we just ate and relaxed. In the evening, we went to a local car gathering where we met this high school kid who was a huge No Good Racing fan. The guy didn’t have a car but he did have a bicycle. He sort of dressed-up his bike in a way to pay tribute to NGR so the guys from No Good actually had some fun with him and hung out with him for a bit. We joined in and helped him dress-up his bike some more. Hopefully he was stoked and not pissed at us for fucking with his bike but the bike was pretty beat anyway so I think he was okay with it, haha. The following day, Tiffanie, Salem, and I took the bullet train back to Tokyo and spent the day there before we flew back home to California. Once we got back to Cali, we only had a few hours rest before the annual Eibach Honda Meet. I cut my trip short on purpose just so I could attend Eibach but admittedly, it was a little tough getting used to the time change and we barely got any sleep before the event. Hop on board and watch as we fuck around and do random stupid shit. Enjoy!

*I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see…

Some of the people that are in this video who have Instagram accounts:

StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Tiffanie Marie (@tiffanie.marie)
Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_jp)
Salem (@simplysalem)
Ryuichi (@kanjo_king_ngr_ryuichi)
Waki (@tatsuhiko.ngr)
Eibach Honda Meet (@eibachmeet)

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