Chronicles On Tape Podcast Episode 17: “Home”

Yuta is going a little crazy with nothing to do in Arizona but work and staring at his empty-ass apartment so he comes back home to Los Angeles to visit. We sit down and catch-up on all things life and cars. We find out we didn’t win the ‘Best Podcast’ award from PAS Mag, I acquire a new set of Volk TEs, I talk about my next book, the unexpectedly enjoyable Carchella meet(s), and much more…

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  1. I find it very funny that you guys consider yourselves old at 30.
    I am about to be 31 this year, and honestly I just started achieving something in life.
    I guess this is a particular trait of how american youth lives, you all look older than you really are cause you think you are older than you are, maybe cause society forces you to feel responsible a bit early in life.
    I don’t know, but seriously, 30 is just the start of life…

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