Chasing Nostalgia…

Suspend all disbelief. I don’t think I was ever after the idea of creating an actual game more so than actually creating a ‘feeling’. It’s simple, it’s plastic—but within it is imagination, a healthy dose of attention to detail, and well—a little piece of me. Here’s a little keepsake to remind us of when we were young and how to still be a kid even after we grow old…




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  1. Pleasseeeee tell me you are releasing he box and the game cartridge together! This would be such an awesome shelf piece/collectors item! But even if you aren’t, this is awesome. Love seeing stuff like this.

  2. It would be BEYOND AMAZINGGG if someone actually adopted this project and created an Osaka based honda racing game for the SNES then assembling it with this cartridge shell.

    Your enthusiasm is impressive and much appreciated!

  3. I hate when I miss out on your Blog for a while but this is AMAZING when you produce this!

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