Our Weekends Are Loaded With Hondas… CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #6…

As things begin to open back up slowly, I’m reminded of just how much of our weekends are consumed with Hondas—but in a great way! On this episode, we continue to follow the progress on Ryan Der’s EK build as he finalizes his interior floor harness and adds power accessories to the Civic. Hatchbacks of that generation never came with power windows so it was one of his main objectives to add it with OEM components he sourced from wrecking yards. While that was going on, Phil’s S2000 made its return to the shop so that Yuta could do some repairs to it in preparation for a local drift event at Willow Springs. Our friend Gary from Auto Factory Realize wanted to test out the car to see what it felt like to have a drifting-oriented set-up on an S2000 since he had one of his own. The day after that, Der and I stop by the Doghouse Garage meet to support our fellow car enthusiasts. There were some pretty nice builds that showed-up and we found some time to just relax and chat with friends. This might be the best-looking Vlog of the season so far and I hope you enjoy it!! Make sure to stop by for the Premiere as well so you can chat with us while we watch the new episode!

(Chronicles Vlog 2021 Episode 6)

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)

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