Cinematic Vibes From Re-Hashed Japan Photos…

It’s honestly been a very cathartic experience working on this new book. I feel like I should have started earlier in the year but it is what it is. Here is another batch of ‘throwaway’ photos that I don’t believe I ever used for anything because I was just randomly shooting in the moment.

The last few months I’ve been watching a lot of movies and studying color grading and tones from different movies throughout the world. I decided to play around with these random shots from various years during my stays in Japan and really like how they came out. I tried to keep them all similar so they flow into one another as you scroll through.

I think if there was a central theme to this set, it’d be ‘quiet’ or calmness, almost to the point of loneliness, which is a feeling you’ll experience often when in Japan. Maybe I’m overthinking it, lol.

If you’ve noticed I’m writing even more than usual lately, it’s because I’m in booking making mode and I am like DEEP inside my own head right now.






Anyways, here’s some vibes for you guys to wake up to. It’s 7am now and I have two more shoots this weekend…

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  1. Good stuff.

    Thank you for continuing to share your work whether it be through physical publication or revisiting photos we’ve never seen before.

    You probably know already, but the color grading and candid perspective or what you’ve called “cinematic vibe” of these above photos somehow gives it an emotional depth that most of your content normally does not carry.

    Imagine The Chronicles moving towards this type of presentation in the future then will certainly carry itself in the most unique and indirectly exciting kind of way.

    “Passion First, The Rest Will Follow.”

    As a creative body, this website and the personality behind it has inspired A LOT of people and quite possibly the automotive scene more than you may want to accept or know about it.

    There hasn’t been a better time to freshen up the automotive scene particularly when it comes to content delivery.

    Please consider it. 🙂


    Skuraweekly meets The Chronicles, The Chronicles meets the…….

    Have a great night!

  2. color grading look up infinite tools and NBP ColourmapX by Nino Batista

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