Time-Traveling Back To The Nineties… CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #12

On this episode, I take you guys back on the road with me on three different photoshoots throughout Southern California for the ongoing project I’m working on for Meguiar’s. You guys got a short glimpse of the 80s-themed shoot I did for them with a E-AT Civic a few episodes back and the next one I’m shooting is dedicated to the 1990s. If you’re a Honda guy then the nineties will undoubtedly be your favorite era. That’s when Honda made the best cars and the import scene was still in its very exciting early infancy. Being that it was a shoot focused on that era, many tiny details had to be incorporated into the shoot that were plucked from that time and obviously, the cars themselves as well. In-between shoots, we also found some time to stop by Unit B to celebrate our good friend Kristian Wong’s birthday. This is a good one and I hope you get overwhelmed with that nineties feeling while watching!

(Chronicles Vlog 2021 Episode 12)

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
Carlos Palafox (@cpalafox1989)
Dave Chik (@momoxcosmo)
John Cruz (@yooitzjohn)

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  1. After watching it in its entirety and looking at the preview photos from this project, this is exactly what everyone needs.

    Your hard work and attention to detail is very appreciated including everyone who has helped push this 90s Honda movement forward.

    That garage scene with the og cars was primo can’t thank you guys enough for keep this shit alive.

    The classic car community even the Japanese influenced grassroots drift guys in the US have been able to set a certain style for their group that even the younger generation have been able to pick up on.

    For anyone who is reading this, I think its about time the Honda community establish a set identity for itself that is based off of the whole California “JDM” Honda and street racing history that began it all. Start thinking in terms of mid 2000’s and below “JDM” Honda Tuning mindset.

    It’s been looonnng overdue.

    Its gotten lost in translation wayyy toooo manyyyy times.

    The kids made it something entirely different and its time the old dogs bring back and make it our own.

    The JST4FFUN boys are about one of the prime examples of new generation done right and I am glad you are able to follow them by incorporating them within
    The Chronicles.

    I can see them and others like them slowly fill the space for the future generation that The Chronicles and all other Honda journalists have helped create.

    Shout outs to anyone and everyone helping preserve 90s to mid-2000s Honda JDM culture including those who are now raising families and surprisingly trying to help their son or daughter take part in this fun Honda hobby.

    This is the reason documentation is so important with the disappearance of print media and many pictures and websites going away.

    I don’t know if the editors (Rodrez? Wong?) or anyone has any control, but it would be nice to have all the broken pictures and articles on http://www.superstreet.com be reuploaded again.

    The Chronicles and others alike might be the last hope in preserving this type of authentic Honda culture which should eventually establish itself in similar image to the continuously strong Chicano and classic American car subcultures that came before.

    Countless ideas to throw out there….how about picture posts in memory of fallen soldiers Jon “DOHC GARAGE” Tanji, Randy “Questoyz” Gagan, Armando “Coke in a Can” Flores Jr, Juan Lemus, Vince Pascua, Shaun Carlson, Steve Demmitt of JTUNED etc. or even Honda drag racing, show legends, even FFSQUAD among other legendary groups also those inspired people can not only jumpstart it but help inspire some folks. Or catching up with photographers who helped influence stickydiljoe.com (you know who they are).

    These shoes haven’t been filled since but we believe there still a chance.

    It was done with the Kansai Osaka Civic scene, why not Norcal Socal?

    I’m super glad Meguiars picked your hand in representing this department and hope this ripples into new territory for the community and this website.

    Saw those preview pictures and can’t wait to see the rest. The 1990’s to mid 2000’s were everything to most people who were fortunate enough to live in those times.

    Simply for this reason for so many of us, this was THE VLOG to top ALL VLOGS.

    Just cuz da 90’s…

    I hope it comes back at least in car style anways and I believe we can make that happen! 😀

    What about the likes of the classic NWP4LIFE or JTUNED.COM?

    Strobe photography and proper documentary style. http://WWW.STICKDILJOE.COM

    Let’s make JDM (Honda) Great Again.

    My bad its been way too long of post…but it needs to happen.

    Anways, happy birthday to the Carboy Kristian Wong!

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. <3

    Here's to 90s-mid 2000s JDM and forever.

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