2AM Photos With Battlecraft…

Being that our shops are so close to one another, Kristian tends to walk over here at random hours of the night to watch tv or shoot the shit. Earlier today, I asked him if the shop was clean cuz I wanted to test out some lighting equipment that I planned to use this weekend.

I hadn’t shot with strobes (battery powered remote flashes) in almost four years or more so I’m sure I’d completely forgotten how to use them. I don’t know what made me want to shoot with them since I feel it’s a bit dated in how it ‘polishes’ a photo but I wanted to try something different than what I’m used to these days. Anyways, he said the shop wasn’t super clean and the Civic was on jack stands but he could put wheels back on the car if I wanted to play with my camera and lighting. So around 2 am he comes by and helps me lug all that equipment over and we drink some White Claws. I snapped a couple photos and it made me realize I had no idea how to use strobes anymore. Long gone we’re the days when I used to haul this stuff around everywhere for magazine shoots.

My expectations were that if I could get one good photo out of it, it’d be a success. More so I just wanted to make sure all the equipment works and test it before I go on assignment this weekend. Wow I wrote a lot. Okay here you go. Thanks to Kristian Wong for the assist and putting his car back together for a 2 am photo…



That’s all. Thanks for looking!…

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  1. Dammm Joey, now you’re just bringing back old good time vibes. 😛

    Remember this whole vibe when “formal” shooting with equipment was really popular a few years ago.

    If you’re still wondering, this is a great look if you want to ever revitalize The Chronicles and capitalize on this “old” look again. The look really felt like a trademark when done right with the right subject matter.

    As I’ve said before hunting down the og’s who still have their ride or spotlighting a proper Honda or any chassis of the current times would make Chronicles pop again. This would be a great time!

    Talking about subject matter, Kristian’s EK always helps recapture some old excitement of Honda Civic. 🙂

    Good job. <3

  2. I can imagine the pain in the butt it is to carry and setup all that equipment, but it does produce a unique composition. I agree with Tom that catching up with some OG’s and their cars and using this technique would make for some very cool content.

    • Thanks TrackSol.

      You don’t know it, but those couple of pictures I saved of your matte black Del Sol Buddy Club II front when it was just active still brings back memories of when you first posted it.

      Excited to see your progress in effect. 🙂

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