An ICONIC HONDA Build From The Past Is Found… CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #19

I never thought I’d see the day but I’ve been waiting almost two decades to see this car again…

For my final installment for the Meguiar’s “Portrait of an Icon” series, I knew I had to do something big, so I sought out an important Honda from a bygone era to tell not only its story, but to add to mine.

To me, this was the perfect way to cap off a series of creative work covering five different decades. A true pleasure it was to be able to photograph a car that first inspired me to collect automotive tuning magazines as a youth.

(Chronicles Vlog 2021 Episode 19)

A huge thank you to Angel Torres from Art of Attack for making this possible.

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1 comment

  1. Always have wondered about LJ’s car and since the JST4FFN boys revealed its location a while back but without any further details. Its cool to see you have also had a good fascination about this iconic car and able to share some unknown details as well as capture pictures in person.

    What does history smell like in person?

    Since you mentioned about Eric and are a preservationist–ONE of if not the Honda’s community’s last hope in saving this info for current and future generations see into this

    I know FF Squad was not included in your Meguiar’s documentary,

    you might think about a proper sit down documentary about these people who also have their own unique placement in Honda enthusiast history.

    Seeing jkatman make a cameo appearance and Eric who was one of the founders of NWP4LIFE mentioned,

    it would be interesting to see where their machines are and what they have to say about their history. I’m interested to know if they would be able to share any of footage of their past antics or lost pictures we’ve never seen before from that “long ago time”.

    To tell you how bad it is,

    some of us old men still catch ourselves starting our Saturday mornings off watching FF Squad Day in Life on YT after 10 years.

    Anyways thanks Joey for being as passionate of your work as you are and still being emotional about an inanimate piece of history as some of us still out here are is real to see.

    Alot of unknowing people can easily brush this piece of junk off from a bygone era, but you took the time to remind people.

    I know you’ve been exposed to so much and have self admittedly expressed how you many times you feel jaded about the stuff you see in the present moment.

    Well in my opinion, it seems that way because many of the current day stuff just doesn’t stir us up the way as things in the past used to.

    And some if not alot people can relate to this.

    Also being a local to California, I’m just glad you haven’t lost touch with what many people outside of California could only dream to have witnessed and be able to see. Glad to see you don’t take this stuff for granted.

    Really digged the relaxed state you presented and captured this thing this time.

    This is mature content.

    Think about something like this but about the FF-SQUAD and story of NWP4LIFE in motion picture.

    As way to make up for what the Bowls mockumentary was not. (*ahem the USDM k-word but not k-word)

    Get it?

    Come on, we’ve got some time. ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)👌

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