Attack Tsukuba Is Tuning Car Heaven!!…

Ask any of my friends who have been to Attack Tsukuba before and they’ll tell you with certainty that this is their favorite event in Japan. It’s literally tuning car heaven and everything you could ask for if you’re a Japanese automotive enthusiast. There’s no other place where you can combine some of the fastest cars in the country with the style that we’ve grown-up appreciating. The quality is top-tier and the execution so unique on so many of these competition vehicles. It really needs to be witnessed in-person to truly be appreciated. You just have to be there at the famed Tsukuba Circuit. For those of you who have never been, don’t worry, I’m here to show you guys a little piece of why this event is so interesting. This year, I didn’t have any particular group of people or specific car to follow so my friends and I just tried to consume as much of Attack as we could. Der and Kristian came later on in my trip to Japan this year just so they could go to Attack, they almost didn’t care about seeing anything else—and I showed them all kinds of stuff!

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