40 Days In Japan Ends With Nostalgic 2 Days!!…

Alas, my Japan journey comes to an end. It”s been an eventful 40 days here but it is time to go home! I’ve had a blast but I do have to remember that I have a life at home to live so it is time for me to depart. Before I go however, I did have one more event to go to; Nostalgic 2 Days in Yokohama! I’m always trying to see new things and expand my horizons in the world of Japanese automotive tuning so this is the perfect event to cap-off my trip! This show is specifically catered to the Kyusha, or Japanese classic car, community and there’s always something rare or unique to see here. Whenever I dive into the rich history of the Kyusha car scene, I always find myself learning new things. And this event was no different. Join me and my friends as we walk through Nostalgic 2 Days and let’s all appreciate these classics together…

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