Finally! Some Major Progress On Der’s Civic Build!!…

It’s been a while but we are back with some major updates! After coming back from Japan, I took some time off just to recover and get back into the swing of things here at home. There wasn’t a whole lot going on so I just stayed lowkey and hung out here at the shop. Before Der met up with me in Japan, he actually was at the shop every weekend working on his Civic. A lot of big changes happened while I was gone so when I came back home, I came back staring at almost a completely different car! Over the last two weekends, we finally started on something that he had been dreading; installing his Safety21 roll cage. The main thing was getting all the parts over the to shop but once we did, Der tore his whole Civic apart again so we could fit the bolt-in cage. I thought it was easy but I also spent most of the afternoons watching sports and only jumped in when he needed a second hand, lol. If you’ve been wanting to see what’s new with Der’s EK, this is the episode you need!

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