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…So we rolled out of bed around 10am and ended up at the IHOP. I forget what I ordered but it involved bacon and eggs of some sort, and pancakes, and whatever else an IHOP meal consists of. After that, I gave HeyMikeyyyy a call to see what he was up to. Apparently on the way up to Norcal, the Phaze2 EG ran into some problems with a c/v axle and they had to head out to find another to replace it. On top of that Cali had been experiencing rain storms during the week that made the drive less than enjoyable. The interior of the EG was flooded with water and Arnel’s feet and pants were soaked in water. I guess you know you’re riding dumped when your car is flooded while you drive…haha…

This was the scene outside the Courtyard Marriott when we arrived. Day before the event, driving all the way to Socal, what did you expect? You gotta do what you gotta do to get the car back on the road…

This is when we first caught a glimpse at Arnel’s freshly painted engine bay. Umm..I guess you can call it a “harlequin” bay? The thing that got me wasn’t even the 4 different shades of the bay, it was actually the white brake booster….definitely an interesting touch.

I know alot of people are gonna hate on it like they did with his rusted hood but Arnel geniunely doesn’t mind. The guy doesn’t even have the internet, nor does he know of this sites existence. He has a Chronicles sticker on his car and he doesn’t even know what this site is. How do I know? He asked me..”what’s the Chronicles?” while staring at the sticker on his back window. The guy is definitely a unique character. He really doesn’t care what people think about his car. I mean, he’s not a dick about it, in fact, he’s a super nice guy….he just really doesn’t care what people think…

Everyone else was busy cleaning things up and doing miscellaneous things to get ready. Mikey finally got his car back from RedZone…

The outside looks basically the same but the guys at RedZone actually made it possible for Mikey to drive his car for more than 25 feet. It sounded pretty good to me so Mikey decided to take me for a spin…

I don’t know what the deal is but I found like a blinker or some shit sitting in the door compartment…

I think we went like 2 feet before the rear wheels started to rub like crazy…

It wasn’t even innocent rubbing like when you accidently graze a girl’s boob with your arm. It was more like a “cry for help” type of rubbing. Like “Michael-Jackson-Neverland-Ranch-Drink-the-Jesus-Juice-Lets-Play-A-Game” kind of rubbing. Yeah it was bad. So we backed up and had to make adjustments…

While Sid was working on that, we decided to walk around and check out the rest of the hotel. You wanna know what the difference is between a $37 a night Travelodge and a $100 a night Marriott? Let me spark your memory if you didn’t read the previous update….This was the view from my room:

And this was their view….

Not much comparison there….I wasn’t gonna stay in my room long enough for it to matter anyway, plus I was sold on the IHOP being next door….that and the bed bugs provided suspense throughout the night.

We made our way back and some other homies showed up to kick it…

Big Mike aka Big Limpin arrived looking hella hyphy hyphy hyphy. I don’t know what kind of camo that it is but I can’t help but think that it would only be effective as a cloaking device if he were to hide in a bag of uninflated balloons…

…It’s almost a little awkward. Like when two chicks wear the same dress to the prom and they run into eachother…

Once we figured out the rubbing issue with Mikey’s DC and everyone got cleaned up, we set off to go explore San Francisco…

The PhazexDoods line-up for Wekfest…oh and this guy…

…who was either sleeping or too busy getting dolled up in his hotel room for the San Francisco natives.

Man, I’m still tired…It’s like what, Wednesday almost, and I still have raccoon eyes from not getting enough rest. My computer sounds like it’s about to explode too…..Second part of this day coming soon….in part 3 of Wekfest weekend….

On a side note, why the fuck is it like 40 degrees outside in Socal? My homie from Chicago told me that it was like 67 degrees over there. And it’s almost snowing and shit over here…

I’m out for now….I’m beat…like Rihanna….yeah I said it. Someone had to….


14 thoughts on “Wekfest Weekend…Part 2…

  1. veks says:

    Why is it that something always happens to someone on their way to an event? Redzone and eibach, you guys to wekfest.

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Just goes with driving long distances I guess. You never know what you’ll encounter in a 6 hour drive….

  2. ChrisBoba says:

    Damn what a tease. All that work you said you did and this is all so far? J/K. And yeah Chris Brown is the new Ike. “What the problem is?!”

  3. Marcos of 5v aka 5zero3vision says:

    Man that was a great show. I wish I would have know who you were. It would have been cool to meet you. As always you have great write ups…keep it up man…

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Thanks for reading…

  4. l0verface says:

    the phaze2 eg’s bay is my new background, yay! yay!

  5. SpAnKyEG says:

    Awesome blog & coverage Joey, can’t wait for part 3

  6. SpAnKyEG says:

    Oh damn after the show my clutch went out me, that put the cherry on top of my weekend. }=(

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Yeah, I heard…that sucks. At least everyone got home safely!

  7. Alex Zhao says:

    hey Arnel, did you guys run into any snow on the way back?

  8. jasonsgrainofsalt says:

    cool blog.

    If you are wondering what the camo is. Its Bape.

    1. stickydiljoe says:

      Oh I know, I was just joking…haha..

  9. Hott Stuff Mikey says:


  10. ChrisBoba says:

    LOL! I guess that’s what his bay would be called now. Bape Bay FTW! HAHA

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