Ahh, the magic of Google…

I’m often fascinated by the capabilities of search engines. Okay, not really, but as a guy who runs a pretty successful site, I often look at the statistics of this site to see what draws traffic over here. WordPress has the ability to record exactly what people type in to reach this site via search. I believe I mentioned this randomly in another post before. I think it was when I mentioned that someone was typing in “sticky lil joe cronicles” and managed to find this site. If you thought that was a little weird, wait until  you see some of the other stuff people type in. Since there’s nothing really going on lately, I thought I’d fill you guys in on exactly how bizarre Google and other search engines are when it comes to “The Chronicles…”….

Mind you this is all within a week’s time, there have been even stranger terms but these are the only ones I have access to right now…I’m not exactly sure how it all works either because I actually typed in some of these terms and stickydiljoe.com doesn’t show up. It could just be that people are randomly searching for “fuckwheels” or “public pubis” and then thought to check my site, I don’t know….But I’ll let the images speak for themselves…

I especially like the “sticky dil joe asshole” search…haha…

Man, people are really fascinated with pubis and pubic in public….So strange…. If you’re wondering about the Lorraine Motel, I too wondered about it because it often comes up in the search stats. I actually googled it and it’s the location where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. I mentioned it awhile back in the Wek’Fest posts and I guess it’s a popular search term….Not as popular as “pubic” and “get a boner” though, which worries me about the future of society…Anyways, if you happen to be one of the people who were looking for “pubic” regions exposed in “public” places so that you can “get a boner” while “Honda fucking” on your “fuckwheel”, thanks for the traffic and the hits. I hope you find your “fat lips dick” someday…. – “sticky dil joe asshole cronicles on site from the Lorraine Motel.

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  1. at least you get a decent amount of views. i’m just getting the word out on mine. (psst post a linky ^^d)

  2. It’s funny the predictive text searches like:
    “Fat people are” And “I am extremely”

    Type those into Google and see what comes up

  3. LoL that’s so bizzare

    Off topic Joey, the way your pictures are set up, I can’t actually read the texts. I have to drag it and open in a new window to make it eligible.

  4. Your browser might be set at a small resolution

    I can see them just fine.

  5. Yeah…turns out it was my Avant Browser -_-
    Firefox is fine.

  6. My search shows “morgan jade playboy” and “car named Jade” LOL! Hmm must have been my playboy shoot I did and cant remember 😉 Haha!

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