First Look…Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge…

The Castrol SYNTEC Top Car Challenge was going this week and Loi from Sportcar Motion actually helped me get some pics of the event. His Civic is participating in the event as chosen by Honda Tuning magazine.  It also happens to be his birthday so I plastered his mug in all of the pics he took. I can’t really tell you the results of the competition because it will be revealed later on in print so just sit back, take a look at pics, and then just pretend like you know who won…I’ll give you a hint though…………………one of these cars won. Yeahhhh….

The Sportcar Motion Civic representing Honda Tuning….

15×9 949 Racing wheels…

Super Street Magazine’s representative which is a Nissan 350z…


The Evo 10 thats representing Import Tuner magazine…

Modified’s Evolution…

Euro Tuner mag’s Audi S4…

Lowrider magazine representative….

The Cobra who’s owner has been commenting on this site and who represents Mustang 5.0 magazine….

Make sure to check out the results when they’re available in the magazines…Thanks to Loi for taking pics and helping out as usual….I’m excited to see how the Civic did against the rest of the pack. Consider how it does in the Time Attack series, don’t be surprised if it did really well….

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  1. yo joey you should draw up everyone’s face of phaze2xDOODS in that cartoon thing you do and make a collage! haha thatd be sweet. oh and what happened to the HSI logo over the dude blvd where the “I” hangs over them? LOL!

  2. Damn I was expecting a newer caprice from lowrider not old skool glass house.

    Nice drawing of loi. You have some nice pen skills.

  3. That mug is exactly Loi lol. Nice job.
    I agree with ojay, you got to draw up the Phaze2 guys with your skills

  4. exclusive content here! always on the ball in this industry. i can’t wait for the results of this battle. thanks joe!

  5. Great pics bro! Didn’t know u got some of my Caprice. For the record, Glasshouse only applies to 74-76 Impala/Caprices. Since this event, new cam and more boost have been added to the 68’s 355.

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