Exclusive Content…The unused Bisimoto Super Street shots…

It’s nice to take a long weekend off from everything and just spend time with friends and family…With all this bad news lately, it’s good to get away for a bit but now we’re back in business….Thanks to everyone for their concern in regards to Ross and Midnight Garage. He appreciates all your kind words and thoughts. I’ll let you guys know when I hear anything new on his situation…

Alright, so back to regular Honda stuff. As you all know, the Super Street Honda issue hits the newstands this month and most places have probably had many copies sold out. It looks like it’s a hit and people are running around everywhere looking for them. If you haven’t found your copy yet, keep looking. I have seen them pop up on a bunch of spots in my area so I’m pretty sure it should be readily available to everyone. For some reason the 7-11 in by my place seems to get mags last, especially since I think the guys there are too lazy to ever rotate to the newest issues, so when I see them at this 7-11, it’s gotta be everywhere.

This issue is not only special to me because I had to pleasure of writing the double cover feature and tell their stories to all of you, but I also wrote and shot my very first feature for Super Street. I didn’t really expect them to ask me to shoot anything but when the opportunity came up, I thought it would be a good time to take on that challenge. I guess I’m my own biggest critic so I wasn’t very sure on how it came out but after looking at it a couple times, I think I’m happy with it. Everyone that has seen it tells me that it looks good so I’m happy about that. I’m already in the process of editing my next feature for SS and I think I’ve learned quite a bit since shooting Bisi’s Civic…

I absolutely love Bisi’s wagon and I feel honored to have been able to shoot it. Bisi Ezerioha is a good guy and very knowledgeable. It was cool to actually see this thing in person and capture all the little details in the build. These are the  shots that weren’t used by Super Street and you’ll only see them here on The Chronicles. Enjoy…same set-up as usual, click on the link below each picture for a larger image…

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (960×1440)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

Larger Version (1440×960)

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  1. Ugh this thing is just way too dope, nice shots too!

  2. Sick ass focken wagon man! Bisi is one sick dude. Builds sick ass rides and fast ass drag cars. Good shots Joey!

  3. i remember when you got the news that you’d be shooting bisi’s wagon. we were still setting up big mike’s car at that time. that seemed so long ago! good work on the magazine man!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Your 1st SS Snaps and Words article on this BEAST!

  5. It was a long but fun day homie. The pictures came out great, and I’m sure that used that experience and other since than to get better. Some of the pictures came out super crisp, and they look very, very good. Keep it up brotha.

  6. Awesome pictures, they really do Bisi’s crazy wagon justice.

  7. Bisi is such an amazing builder, I love everything about this civic! BTW isnt this the first printed article featuring a wagovan??

  8. Hi!

    Great car indeed! I’m interested to use the photos to feature in a blog focused in modified cars for Brazilian audience. Could it be possible?


  9. craziest wagowan i’ve ever seen

  10. Bisi always making jaws drop!

  11. Joey, awesome work…the car is amazing in person and it’s a real challenge getting that across to someone just looking at the project online or in-print…well done, you’ve done this project justice. Bisi, you already know what we think of your work…thanks for having us involved.

  12. funny how for us, seeing bisi’s wagon, we know how epic that car is. but to a non honda or import guy, it looks like the average EF ricer with white or black wheels and big fartcan. little do they know about the mad power hes squeezing out of that SOHC. great pics and great car

  13. Love those wheels!

  14. I love the look of this thing.

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