Exclusive Content…A first glance at the August issue of Honda Tuning…

Got some good stuff for you guys today…Rodrez hit me up and wanted to give you guys a teaser of the upcoming issue of Honda Tuning. This particular issue is special because it’s a completely race-dedicated issue. Meaning there are no show cars or daily street driven vehicles. It’s just the fully-dedicated race cars of the community and I think it’s really cool that we get to spotlight these guys in their own genre-specific issue. Of course many of you who follow this site already know that Sheepey’s 800hp Civic hatchback is going to be in this issue but here is the rest of the guys that are featured…

-Civic Type R road race car

-Super budget built CRX (built the entire car for just under $2,009.00 and swept the Grassroots Motorsports competition)

-Sportcar Motion/Loi’s ITR

-Landspeed record-chasing CRX

-All 3 Compass360/Skunk2 Grand AM competition cars

-V6 swapping the 88-91, 92-95, and 96-00 chassis’

as well as…

-Tuners corner with ‘Bisi

-Interviews with a few past and present track stars

Pretty awesome right? Well here’s Rodrez himself telling you more about it…

“I’ve been dying to put this issue together for a few months, but with organizing the Eibach Meet with VtecVoodoo, the NWP “transition” that occurred, and everything in between, it took awhile to get this one sorted out. I’m really happy with the finished product, and I hope all the hours that went into it satisfy a large number of readers.”

Here are a couple teaser pics of two of the guys that will grace the pages of Honda Tuning’s August issue. The hatch is none other than Sheepey and the Integra belongs to CTRparts.com and Lisa Kubo, who will also be piloting the car on race day. Make sure to grab your copy as it hits newstands by no later than next week! Remember to read it of course as your’s truly had the pleasure of writing up Sheepey’s feature and it’s a doozy…If you know or have ever had a chance to speak to Alex Soto, you know this guy always has something interesting to say…haha…Keep an eye out, even you show car guys can appreciate this issue because guys like Alex are doing up complete race cars in “Best of Show”  immaculate showcar fashion!…

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  1. Loving your blog.
    I’d discovered it throw Youtube insight (someone who watched my Bisimoto Level X/ITB’s D16Z6 vids).
    As always, excelent content, stuning pics.
    So good to know Big Mike’s complete work and other people’s faces (Rywire and much more).
    Keep the great work up!
    Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  2. Pictures looks amazing already cant wait for the issue

  3. I was in love with Lisa Kubos integra the minute I saw it at SEMA. The pics are excellent.
    Be careful because those images on the cover will make D-Sport mad. They have the white Background every issue. Jk.

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