New York state of mind…

Okay, not really…the state of mind I’m in right now is that I’m hungry so I am going to drive to the market to buy some string cheese but I thought it’d be cool to post this up. Their are great builds everywhere throughout the country, no matter the east, west, mid-west, south, Mars, wherever….so I thought this video was good to post up because it would be cool to give some shine to the guys from VRaceworks in New York. This Civic was one of the more memorable cars for me from last year’s Import Alliance Summer Meet, and I’m happy to see it in action. The video speaks for itself so I will not drag this on any longer with words. All I have to say is…nice job, cool build, well-played. Shout-out to the guys out east for building some heaters…. Good day…

Photos of said-build when I saw it out in Nashville, TN at Import Alliance 2011…



Now, for the video… Thanks to the Honda Tuning Facebook page for this, otherwise I would not have known about it. It’s hosted on Vimeo so I suggest you click the video so that it takes you over to their page so that you can enjoy it in stunning HD. Unless you are a cyclops with a monocle that magnifies things into high definition, the video will probably appear somewhat small when sized to fit the format of this page….Anyways, however you want to watch it, just watch it…

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  1. These guys are always doing it big! Big shout outs to the NYC peeps.
    See you all @ Honda Day in a few weeks.

  2. Fake parts galore, im sorry but your site is becoming trashy with cars with fake parts. Seen this car in person and not a fan of it. NYC has other cars that have QUALITY and REAL parts that i believe should have gotten credit in IA. Im sad that this car gave you a memorable thought.

  3. that EG is sick, don’t be a hater cuz it’s from NY, Kevlar cost some bread ma dude, and it’s fashionable the way he laced it all front to back , VRacewerks !!! thas whassup
    Capo from Uptown Albany,NY

  4. this car is HORRIBLE, doesn’t represent the East Coast or NY even for that matter. all that replica kevlar stuff is cheaper than getting anything authentic, and here’s the kicker, car has exospeed racing wheels (eGay), a roll cage, “built” one million hp motor (ever heard Rob or Cumstain talk about their motors?), and no real theme. but wait there’s more, it’s drag “themed” but has never made a pass AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. and here’s the best aspect of this AWESOME (not) Vricecar its sitting on 30$ nexen tires, can you imagine that? a SOHC VTEC can spin the knobs off those tires, now imagine the 1 million hp turbo vrace built motor even trying to nail the accelerator.

    these two gaylords work in a “leading tri-state import” shop, and both build nothing but junk. keep sucking up to junk2 and these homos, we all know that this car was only posted because of who they know.

    stickydildo keep posting ricecars and regurgitating other “good coverage”, because you ruined Honda Tuning, wish I could say the same about your blog but it was always weaksauce anyway.

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