THE ARCHIVES: Photos from the Eibach Honda Meet 2006/07…

For this installment of THE ARCHIVES, we are going to be taking a look back at some of the Honda builds that attended the Eibach Honda Meets in 2006 and 2007. Gene Tjin was shooting for HCI Magazine back then and made an appearance at the Eibach Meets to generate content for the mag. His coverage isn’t as thorough as you would see nowadays but you have to remember that magazines don’t usually cover events in as much detail as say, I would these days. They just snap whatever catches their eyes and will capture the attention of the reader when they glance through the magazine and that’s all they really need. Even still, it is really cool to take a look back at the Eibach Honda Meets in that period to see how different everything was. In 06-07, the Eibach Honda Meet was still held at the Eibach Springs facility. As you know, it has since grown in dramatic fashion and has outgrown the Eibach Facility. It was necessary to move to a different location to accompany everyone that wants to attend and these days, you’ll only visit the Eibach Springs facility when you attend a smaller event like my anniversary meets. The Eibach Meets were still very popular and crowded during that time, but nowhere near where it was today. What is also immediately obvious to you guys when you look at the photos are the absence of anything really stance-related. I’ve learned to embrace the stance stuff to a certain extent, but for the most part, it is great to look back at a time when cars were just based solely on how your wheels fit. Hondas were built with attention to detail in mind and you wouldn’t really find that many cars taking the liberties that they do now with the lack of detail and all the shortcuts. Obviously there were still a variety of different style of builds to look at, but it’s really crazy to just think about how much as changed. I think this period of time was probably the best in terms of Honda/Acura builds out here in the West. It can be argued but I personally preferred this time period because there were so many cars that were just awe-inspiring. I love the fact that I can go through these photos now because I think it not only helps us as enthusiasts appreciate the past, but also for many of the people outside of the country, in say, Japan for instance, because maybe they didn’t have access to some of this content until now. The internet continues to change the landscape of our worldwide enthusiasts network and I think that some of the newer Honda guys in other parts of the World can really take something from seeing what was a part of our rich history…

As always, Gene Tjin is the fucking man for providing me with all this old content and giving me free reign to do whatever I want to them. He was using really good camera gear during that time so many of the photos are of great quality and still meet the standards of what we are used to looking at going into 2014. I’ve separated the two sets of photos by year obviously, but they flow so seamlessly together that you wouldn’t even think there would be a time difference until you see some of the same cars with different parts on them. Enjoy them and keep them for your personal collection, because you won’t see these anywhere else. Please respect the content provided and do not manipulate them in any way. CLICK ON THE IMAGE IF YOU WANT SEE A LARGER RESOLUTION. Don’t ask me if I have a photo of your car, a buddy’s car, etc. What you see here is what I got. Thanks for looking…


Photos by Gene Tjin from 2006; Post-processing by StickyDilJoe in 2013


P!zz from AM7’s white EK on silver Dunlop Formula Hart wheels. This car was sold some years later and re-acquired by Noah from AM7….


Aries’ timeless Mugen BB4 Prelude was and always will be one of my favorite Prelude builds of all-time. This was the car when it was at its absolute prime. He stopped doing shows and stepped away from cars some years later and still held onto the car, but I think I remember him trying to sell it recently. Not sure if he still has the car or not but it was definitely a staple in the West Coast Honda community…


Ryan Ordinario’s turbocharged EF on Mugen NR10 back in his AMSEVEN days…He still has this car to this day and if I remember correctly, the last time I saw it was at the Falken Honda advertorial shoot I attended…



Danny Hernandez’s K20 RHD Civic 4-door on Advan Racing SA3R…


Jonah from AMSEVEN’s coupe on bright fluorescent green Sprint Hart CP-F….


A shot of Adam Nelson’s K-swapped engine bay in his Civic….


Turbocharged B-series EK on Diamond Black Volk TE37…


Clean cream Civic hatchback on 15-inch Dunlop Formula Harts…


Cream EJ1 Civic coupe on 16-inch Regamaster EVOs…


Another black EK (owned by Carlos who later joined DPK) on white/purple Stark Rennsport wheels. Also looks to have an Air Walker front bumper…


Loi Song from Sportcar Motion’s old EK9 Civic Type R. This set-up right here with the SSR Type-C was my absolute favorite look for this build. Loi later sold it to Morgan Jade and they rebuilt the entire car with K-swap and all….


White Brandon’s (I don’t know his last name and he’s the only Brandon I know that’s white) K-swapped Civic on Mugen MF10Ls with EK4 SiR bumpers….


Nice DB8 Integra sedan sitting on Almight Grey Regamaster EVOs… Always was a fan of this purple tone on that particular finish of EVOs…


Many of you younger Honda enthusiasts may not recognize this Civic, but this was Big Mike’s project before he got into building his Prelude….


Jimmy’s del Sol on Panasport wheels before the DPK car crew started in 2007…

That was what Gene captured back in 2006 of the Eibach Honda Meet. Below are photos from the same event, but a year later…


Photos by Gene Tjin from 2006; Post-processing by StickyDilJoe in 2013


Sheepey’s engine bay of his old Civic build. This was the same car that he later rebuilt into a full drag car and later sold…


Two builds that you may not recognize in their first incarnations. The red Civic was HBK Jon’s before he went with the change to purple w/teal engine bay, and the DC5 RSX was Brian Nguyen’s back when he was a member of the Hasback crew. He later redid the car and had a full Mugen aero kit with a nicely done engine bay and supercharged motor….


Always was a fan of Bryan’s DA Integra on Sprint Hart CP-Rs…


Jorge Hernandez’s timeless Civic build. He still has this car today and is always adding new parts here and there to keep the car fresh…


Rudy Falcon’s Mugen DC5 RSX w/individual throttle bodies. The 24K plating really made this car recognizable and he was one of the key people behind the creation of the DPK car club. I believe this was right around the time when his car was shot for Honda Tuning magazine…



One of the more popular Honda builds of that period was J.P. Cao’s turbocharged Civic. Eibach 2007 was the debut of the copper stage of the build. It really captured the attention of a lot of people and the car had a really good run. It was in multiple magazines, featured on the web, won awards, etc. Everything you could ever ask for from a show car this car accomplished….


Jimmy’s del Sol from DPK with an EG BackYard Special front lip and white Sprint Hart CP-Fs….


This CB was built by me personally and 2007 was the last year that I owned it. This was the final look of the build minus the NSX brakes that I put on around the summer of 2007. I really liked this look on the 17×8 Work Meister S1s and I think I did about as much as anyone could to an Accord chassis…


Rodrez’s old Civic build with built B-series motor and individual throttle bodies. I remember meeting up with him early that morning when we both lived in San Diego and we cruised up together to set-up for the event. Rodrez, as you should know, is one of the original creators of the Eibach Honda Meet…


Civic hatchback from Jerkwrench crew with BackYard Special front bumper and silver Sprint Hart CP-Fs…You don’t see that many CP-Fs floating around anymore because they never came in aggressive sizes….



Arn Reyes’ Mugen DC2 Integra from Abunai Racing back before he went K. Arn is the original innovator of the gold-plated Mugen M7 wheel, a look that became so popular that even Rota wheels copied him and made a whatever-it-is-you-call-a-Rota-M7 in a gold finish…


One of Leon Casino’s two CR-X builds. This was prior to him installing the custom front fender flares and giving the EF a much more aggressive look….


Aries’ Mugen Prelude on 16×8 Advan RGs that he borrowed from me for the Eibach ’07 Meet. I had already had my Work wheels on and these were sitting at Sportcar Motion so Aries tossed them on for the event…


AP2 S2000 on SSR Professor SP1…


Eibach 2007 marked the debut of Jay Powers’ pristine CR-X build. Everybody was staring at this car in awe back then because of how clean it was. Everything flowed so well and the car looked great on Anniversary Edition Mugen MR-5s. He still has this car stored away in his garage today. Maybe one day he’ll bring it out again and it’ll be just as timeless as when it was on display in 2007…


Ron Ibay’s Purple EG from ATS Garage on Work Equip 01. This car is still around but has been on a very long hiatus. Hopefully we get to see it again one day with a fresh paint job and new goodies…


Danny Hernandez’s 4-door Civic when it was on Sprint Hart CP-Rs….


Fred Chapman aka ATS*FCB’s old Civic project. One of my favorite EK builds of all-time that later rotted away on his driveway, haha…


Kenneth Li’s RHD EP3 Civic is probably one of the best EP3 builds ever. I say “probably” because nobody likes these cars and I never see any of them, haha. Still, for what Ken had to work with, he created a awesome project car. Who would go and do a right-hand drive conversion on these cars? Got the bay lookin’ all good and everything too. Such a cool car. And the color on bronze Volk SE37Ks was sick. I think my first story that I ever wrote for Honda Tuning was of this build. Damn, seems like ages ago… If you aren’t aware, Ken is one of the men behind the juggernaut known as “Wekfest” these days and dips around in a full Junction Produce LS460. Talk about moving up, haha…


Jeremy Duarte from RedZone Performance’s DB8 engine bay before he went with the Neochrome-plated engine components and long before the full color change to Synergy Green…


Does anyone remember this mid-engine H22A DC2 Integra? This car was one of the hot topics of the 2007 Eibach event as he made the trip out from another part of the country just to be there…


Mugen-everything RHD Integra put together by Erick Dickerson…


Closing out this installment of THE ARCHIVES with a shot of Donut’s EG. One of the most popular Honda builds of that time and probably one of the more respected builds of all-time nationwide. Crazy because it was such a simple build. What gave the car some notoriety was because of how simple it was, how it always had a timeless quality about it, and how Donut tracked this car without a care…

That’s a wrap. Thanks for looking guys. I’m off to Houston, TX this weekend for the Wekfest event. If you plan on going, I’ll see you guys there. There’s a Mayday Garage x The Chronicles Pre-Wekfest meet as well so make sure to come out for that….

8 thoughts

  1. Another great post. AM7, along with Rudy’s DC5 and JP’s EG were the cars I looked up to back then. These guys set the bar up so high most people still haven’t caught up to their builds

  2. I remember seeing all these cars posted on h-t and nwp back then. Such a inspiration to what I am building today. Can’t believe these are from 6 yrs ago already. Wish I could have been there at that event! So many flawless builds!

  3. Pretty much all of these cars look like they could’ve been built for today, so solid.

    I was so obsessed with those Super Advans that Big Mike had on his Civic back around the same time for my 92 Civic. Every time I’d get close to being able to afford a used set, I’d have get something else like a clutch or some thing for my daily. So, it’s cool to see what my hatch could’ve looked like.

  4. It’s so nice to finally find someone who actually is professional and knows all the details, good job man, I love reading your stuff

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