Offset Kings Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Yes, yes, I know…the thought of anything related to “offset” or “stance” may make you cringe and want to run away from this post, but bear with me. I simply cover events like this, hosted by Illest, because they honestly bring out some pretty amazing cars. For the last couple of years, I’ve taken the time to carefully go through photos from this series of events because I am a huge fan of Japanese car culture, and events like Offset Kings often brings out some of the best cars. The strong distaste for all things “stance” is not nearly as deep in Japan. Sure there are guys who dislike it, some who love it, and many who accept it, but it isn’t something that would deter people from participating in these types of events. When it comes down to it, Offset Kings is the type of event that is big in the U.S. and as such, the Japanese want to be a part of it. Offset Kings provides quiet a bit of very unique vehicles. Same goes for when it was called “Hellaflush Japan” in the previous years. It delivers when it comes to cool cars and I personally love to see what Japan has to offer. I think even if I weren’t doing this site I would find myself looking at photos of these cars all night. Sure they aren’t for everyone but if you love Japanese car culture and all things related to it, you’ll love what Offset Kings Japan brings to the table. Just the sheer variety alone makes it a worthwhile look…

I wish I could tell you more about the event itself but I wasn’t there. Koji Karimata aka “KaRy” comes through once again with some superb photos. He is one of my favorite event coverage photographers in Japan because of the amount of depth he provides in his photos. He covers things that I would if I were there and that is why the transition from his work to mine on The Chronicles is almost seamless. I went through and cleaned up the photos some more and have a bulk of shots to share with you guys over the next few posts. Enjoy and make sure to look at everything with an open mind. Remember the cultural differences and differing styles that come from Japan, and marvel at how they can all join together for an event without pushing anyone else away just because they don’t share similar ideas….

OFFSET KINGS JAPAN from Fuji Speedway

PHOTOS by Koji Karimata aka “KaRy”



I love the idea of custom radius’d fenders. It is probably the only true way to get the desired ride height on a car without having to run absurd negative camber to fit aggressive wheels. It just helps to create an entirely new look for a car like this Toyota Soarer. ISMart did an incredible job of doing the necessary bodywork to streamline the custom wheel wells with the original lines of the car. The result is something that looks way sleeker than a stock-body Soarer with wheels that you’d never thought were possible…


Just look at the craftsmanship down to the detail in the gas tank lid, which has been integrated into the custom wheel arch and is still totally functional…


The custom Mercedes from K’s BPA that you just recently saw not too long ago in my LAW BREAK 30th Anniversary coverage….



Toyota Corona Mark II Grande coupe on Barramundi Design Snook forged wheels…


Love this big body Benz sitting low on Work Meister S1Rs…


Happy to see S15 Silvias were in abundance at Offset Kings, no matter how wildly or mildly styled they were….


Interesting front wheel set-up on this VW Golf GTI….


Sarto Racing CLK with aero designed by Miura of T.R.A. Kyoto…


One of the more wild builds was this FD3S RX-7 running a full Abflug aero kit and, my favorite, Ganador Super Mirrors…


Engine bay is nicely executed with polished bits and pieces. I gotta be honest, these days, I get a little surprised when I look under the hood of an RX-7 and still see a Rotary engine in there. Lately all I see are LS swaps or 1JZ/2JZ motors….


You wouldn’t expect an RX-7 with this much work without a custom interior would you?…



Side and rear view of the wild Abflug kit. Can’t say I’m a big fan of the Asanti wheels but I get the look they’re going for….


This widebody S15 Silvia looked nearly identical in terms of overall execution, so one would be lead to believe that they are both from the same shop/group… Meanwhile, check out the “Phaze One” sticker. I guess we all know where Phaze2 came from now, haha. Just kidding of course….


Interior of the S15, yes, it does have Lambo-style doors…


Cars like this are the ones that aren’t necessarily what we’re used to seeing, but I really do appreciate the amount of work that was put into them. The quality is there, it just isn’t exactly the style we are accustomed to, and that’s perfectly okay. I can appreciate the effort and the overall execution of the build….



Garage Mak Revolution S15 Silvia with their full aero kit, sitting on black Enkei RPF1 wheels…



Another Garage Mak S15, this one with the carbon pieces exposed and unpainted to showcase their aero. This one is on Enkei’s newer RS05RR wheel….



Garage Mak Nissan RPS13 180SX…


I was think that Porsche bodies like this look really odd without the sideskirt piece attached….



Rauh Welt Begriff “Rough Rhythm” Porsche 993, which often pulls double-duty as a Work Wheels demo vehicle….


RWB “Kamiwaza” Porsche 930 piloted by Ichiraku Toshiya…


Rauh Welt “Yves Piaget” 993….


The interior of Yves Piaget….



A rare look under the bonnet of an RWB Porsche…


Rocket Bunny Version 1 Toyota 86 on Work VS wheels….



Teruhisa Inoue’s 1972 Datsun B110 Sunny…


Love how this Honda CR-V sits, I just wish it didn’t have those junky ass XXR wheels on there….yeah I said it…



Stock-bodied Kouki S14 Silvia with Rocket Bunny front fenders and riveted rear blister fenders. Wheels are Work VS-XX in silve and you see the highlighter yellow engine bay with matching brake accents…



This EG Civic was almost a breath of fresh air among all the wild custom creations at Offset Kings. It looks really good sitting on Rays Gram Lights 57V wheels with a meaty tire. Under the hood is a neatly tucked engine bay featuring a motor that carries a traditional Spoon Sports theme….


This NA1 NSX looks perfect in this custom wine hue on Titanium Silver SSR Professor MS3….


One of my favorites was definitely this Honda Stream on Work Meister S1 wheels. Looks like they did quite a bit of fender work to get them to sit correctly. If you look at a stock Stream, you’ll notice the nice little flare they added front and back to flow with the width of the Work wheels….


T.R.A. Kyoto Rocket Bunny Version II Toyota 86…



Can’t remember the last time I saw a modded Honda Prelude INX at an event. I remember actually seeing a Prelude with the INX front conversion about a decade ago at a Import Showoff event but man, it’s been a while since I’ve encountered one, even in Japan. The most obvious difference between the Prelude and the Prelude INX, is the obvious, the non-flipped headlight front end. Looks almost like an Accord coupe….



The ZC-powered Honda Concerto that I first saw when I was in Japan for Wekfest a couple months ago….


BMW 335i sedan hammered on Work Brombacher/VS-XX wheels….


E46 coupe on Work Meister M1R….



One of the reasons why I like looking at coverage from events like this is to find the really oddball stuff like this Mitsubishi Galant Turbo Liftback. When was the last time you saw a Galant Liftback as is, that isn’t modded? Haha, this is crazy… So bizarre, so cool, and so Japanese…..


One of my all-time favorite liveries has to be the traditional HKS graphic. Glad to see that they are still continuing with this look even on their new demo vehicles….


Toyota Crown Athlete looking really good on gold-faced BBS LM wheels….



180Nakkan’s RSP13 build from BAD QUALITY. Looks like he’s gone with another look yet again for Offset Kings after rocking a ton of aero for Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year….


Work Meister M1R wheels, like TE37s and 3-piece S1 wheels, look great on just about any car, like this flared Volkswagen for example….



Closing out Part 1 with a couple shots of this nicely done BMW 3-series wagon, which you’ve had the opportunity to see a couple times before here on The Chronicles…

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for looking!!…

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