Wekfest San Jose 2014 Coverage…Part 5 of 5…The Finale…

Wekfest San Jose seems like so long ago with everything that’s been going on lately. I had to make sure to get these photos wrapped-up before I left to Hawaii so I can post it up for you guys to see. By the time you read this I’ll be on an airplane already. I still have some packing that I need to do (or redo since I haven’t really unpacked yet since I got back from New Jersey on Tuesday) so I’ll get right into the photos. Not much else needs to be said about WFSJ that hasn’t been said already. If you guys have never been I honestly hope that you make the trip out one day to check it out. It truly is the “Super Bowl of Car Shows” and many of these cars really need to be seen in person, in detail, to be fully appreciated. I try to do what I can documenting the event for you but there is just this very special feeling about being in this building with these cars that just can’t be explained. Ask anyone that has made the trip themselves and they’ll vouch for great quality of the show. It was crazy to see just how big the show was and I myself am pretty surprised that I was able to cover a bulk of the event in just a few hours time…

Well, I gotta head out now to catch a evening flight out to Hawaii for Spocom so I’ll leave you guys with the final set of photos from WFSJ. This final installment documents the rest of the cars that I captured, the end of the show, and our journey home. Enjoy and as always, thanks for looking…

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…and thus begins the finale of this 5-part series….



Rob Perez’s incredibly-clean Spoon Sports themed Civic….



Jonathan Monteith’s Civic with J’s Racing front lip, Chargespeed front fenders, and Work RSZ-R….



Luis Jaimes showed up to Wekfest San Jose with a freshly-resprayed and cleanly shaved bay. He ended up placing in the very competitive Civic Class….



K-swapped EF Civic hatch from Dynasty…


Really clean EK4 SiR-themed RHD-converted Civic on white BBR Comp wheels….


Jose Jaimes EF8-styled CR-X back on Spoon SW388 wheels….



His engine bay is always looking good but he and his brother managed to find some time to finally install the brand new Rywire tucked radiator….



Mark Sutakajana’s track-bred DB8 Integra which he always finds time to keep clean even though he beats on it often….



Cooper Boudia’s Super Street magazine-featured Spoon-themed Acura Integra….


Loved this Datsun 510 builds when I saw it at the Blox Evolution event not too long ago. Glad to see it on display at Wekfest SJ….


Always a welcome sight to see a well-kept BMW 2002….


Austin Lee’s wild, static, Infiniti Q45 build on custom step-lipped 3-spoke Work Equip wheels….


Y50 Infiniti M wearing full Aimgain Generations aero….


K-Break VIP Y50 Infiniti M….


Rocket Bunny R35 GTR on Airrex suspension featuring a fully-built AMS Alpha GTR motor….


Liberty Walk E92 M3 from LTMW….


Sarto Racing RB E36 M coupe….


Liberty Walk R35 GTR that you’ve seen plenty of this year….


LTMW’s Rocket Bunny Ver. II Subaru BR-Z….



Wekfest San Jose marked the official debut of the Vollkommen Design widebody Porsche 997 GT3…


Liberty Walk widebody Ferrari 458 Italia….


Another Liberty Walk E92 M3 coupe on custom FLOSS Design BBS wheels….


A shot of ATS Alex’s newly finished Integra engine bay….



…and some better shots of the Corolla 2-door wagon from ATS Garage featuring a late model 4A-GE motor….



ATS GJ’s del Sol looked so good that it deserved some more photos….


The Speed Element Rocket Bunny V1 Scion FR-S with some of the trophies that Speed Element won that day at WFSJ. I totally missed their section when I was doing coverage in the morning so I made sure to grab some shots of it after the show ended….


Speed Element’s dark green Mitsu Evo9 on gold concave Volk Racing TE37…


Powerhouse Amuse GT widebody S2000….


Phaze2 Mizzark’s E60 M5 parked over by The Chronicles booth as we finished cleaning up after the show….


Salem’s Spoon/Phase TSX on 17×9 Barramundi Design Eleven wheels….


2nd Place “Best of Show” winner, ATS*Kranky, was definitely a highlight of the Wekfest event….


Jorge’s timeless Civic always looks perfect…

I stopped shooting after we finished cleaning and loaded all the gear up. We actually left Mikey’s keys to his Integra back at the hotel so it was a whole ordeal trying to get the car loaded-up. After we left, we stopped by In-N-Out for a burger and just rested up. The next day, we planned to leave early to go back to Socal so there wasn’t a whole lot to cover. While we were passing through Gilroy, the guys decided to make a stop at one of their famous garlic spots to try out some garlic ice cream….


For those that don’t know, Gilroy is a small town in California that is well-known for its garlic production. Because of this, they always have fresh fruit stands and markets that offer anything you can think of in relation to garlic. One of them being garlic ice cream, which tastes just about as weird as it sounds….


We took the time to make sure all the cars were safely loaded up on the trailers. The last thing we needed was something to happen to one of the cars on the long drive home….


Keychain and his IS300 met up with us on the way back so he didn’t have to make the trek back alone….


Phaze2 Ken’s 350Z all wrapped-up like a bad birthday present….


Everyone grabbed something inside the market, whether it be garlic-related or not….


The Phaze2 Ruck strapped down safely in the bed of our truck….


Tina was pretty excited about the garlic ice cream and bought more than one flavor to try….


Dougie played it safe and avoided any type of garlic. Instead, he opted for a frozen fruity thing and some gummy bears….


Mark seemed to be the only one that enjoyed the garlic ice cream. Everyone took one bite and sort of just gave up on the idea of it being good….


Keychain trying out the chocolate garlic ice cream…


I don’t know how he manages to drive his IS from Socal to Norcal and back without any issues. This thing doesn’t even look like it can make a full turn with its aggressive ride height and wheel fitment. That’s Keith for you though, dude manages always to do the impossible….


Had to make sure to rep RAW HEART on the rental….


Mikey and Tina blending right into their environment…


After hanging out for a bit more and making a couple more restroom stops, we made the long drive back home. It was an incredible trip that I look forward to making every year and 2014 certainly didn’t disappoint. As you guys know by now, I headed to Jersey shortly after. Wekfest East coverage starts very soon so keep an eye out for it. Thanks for looking! If you guys are in Hawaii I guess I’ll be seeing you shortly!!..

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