Kday Chapter 4 Japan Coverage, A Different Perspective…Part 3…


This particular section features some really cool stuff. You get a good glimpse at the end of the Kday C4 event and a good look at what happens after. Typically guys would just take off and head home but for the people who are closely tied with the event, they usually stick around to hang out and chill after. I personally love this part of the events we go to the most because they are the most fun and relaxing. By this time, all the stress is over and done with so you have more time to just chat with friends. It feels like a giant weight has been lifted off of our shoulders and we can take in that moment of accomplishment knowing that we put on a successful event. Not a whole lot goes on that you’re missing out on, but trust me when I tell you that this is probably the most fun part of the day. That and finally hopping into bed and sleeping for however long it takes to recover. I like to do coverage during this time too because there are less people around and I finally have the opportunity to get some good shots of the cars that are left. Judging by Mori’s photos, he had some fun during the end of the day too because most of his shots were captured in the later hours. To be honest, some of his best shots from this entire set are in today’s post and the finale coming up next. He did some great work out there and I can’t think of another guy out there who I’d want covering events for me. He provides a great perspective and always seems to capture what I want to see the most. He’s my eyes out there in Japan and it is always a pleasure to host his work here on The Chronicles…

With that said, let’s get it going with Part 3 of 4. Enjoy!….

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Takeshi Kobayashi speaking to the Kday C4 attendees….


One really cool thing that I like about Japanese events like this is that they usually bring the award-winning cars up front before they announce them. This puts the cars up front to show everyone who wins and it is also cool to present the awards to the owners while the cars are there. I contemplated doing this at my own event but I have to admit that I like the element of surprise. It seems way more fun to not have the owners know who is winning but maybe for YearSIX, I’ll try this out and bring the cars up along with the owners. Might be the start of a new trend at events, haha….



Great to see Takeshi presenting both The Chronicles and NWP4LIFE. Takeshi even has one of the original O.G. Chronicles decals on…


Takeshi also is a representative of the RAW HEART family….


Winner of the Akebono USDM award. This is a perfect example of a clean 80s-90s Honda that you would have seen in the earlier years of the American import scene. For the Japanese, this is also a rare sight to see a CR-X in this condition just lowered on stock wheels…


The winner of the “Type_K Award” went to this Nissan Cube which was actually a USDM model restyled to look like a modded JDM Cube…Confused yet?….



The Akebono USDM award being presented to the owner of the CR-X…..


…and the Cube owner receiving the award from Kobayashi…. This Cube is originally a USDM Cube (From America) and was converted to a JDM-spec Cube with JDM OEM parts. This is as “USDM” as it gets when it comes to modding because the owner built the car the way we would have here. He took an American Cube, like a retail model we would purchase in the U.S. and modded it in a way to make it look “JDM” which is what we like to do here, with aftermarket parts from Japan as well. This is not only coming full circle, this is the circle going around one more time…It doesn’t get any more USDM than taking a USDM car in Japan and making it JDM again…. that in itself is dedication….


The best of Kday C4, without a doubt, was Hiro’s K-swapped E-AT. This E-AT was sent over here to the U.S. where the K-swap was done by RedZone Performance in Norcal, and then shipped back to Japan where the rest of the car was completed. It represents U.S. tuning while still having that original Japanese classic style and feel….


A photo-op with the Best of Kday….


Takeshi taking a bow and thanking everyone for coming…


And while many took off for the journey home, more of the guys who were closer to Takeshi stuck around to hang out….


Hiro Ueda from KC Trading and Ken from Wekfest chatting with Takeshi….


Hiro No. 2’s E-AT Civic once again…


Hideo Shingu’s U.S.-spec Integra Type R on 15-inch Mugen M7….


Takeshi and Ken from Wekfest…


Ken is an American celebrity thrust into Japan so many stopped for photos with him, haha…. Here he is with Yuko Abe…


Hideo Shingu and Ken battled to see who had the best hair-part….


The TPK line-up, including Saito’s Midori EK9 and Hatano’s Mugen SS S2K….


Kentaro Unuma’s Civic Ferio on 949Racing 6UL wheels….


Integra with Type R front end on Work RSZ-R…


Shingu’s Type R once again…


Yosiyuki Hatano in his S2000…


This Toyota Prius looked great on Work Meister M1…


Silvia Navan on Panasport G7 C5C2….


This DA Integra with USDM front end had a odd front lip but otherwise looked great on BBS wheels…


One of my favorite Accord Euro-Rs from Japan and Tomohiro Chujo’s FD2 Civic Type R…



EK9 Civic Type R on custom bronze Mugen M12 wheels….


Masatsugu Chiba’s K-swapped Accord with USDM CB7 front end…


The guys from Phaze2 Japan made the 10+ hour trek to Kday C4 with some of their cars….


Yasutaka’s HKS GT supercharged S2000….


Honda S2000 Type S on Spoon Sports CR93 wheels…


Our friends from Phaze2 Japan and Tactical Art…


Takeshi Kato’s DB8 Integra…


Yuki Kuroda’s USDM FG2 Civic Si on Volk Racing TE37SL…


Kohei Miyata and friends’ S2000s….


Kouji Matuzaka’s blue AP2 and Yusei Nakatsu’s S2000 on Meister S1 wheels…


Miyata’s S2000 is also the same one you saw prior with the teal TEs on the other side….


Love how Kohei Taguchi’s ITR looks on the Dunlop Formula Hart wheels…


Masaki Fukuda’s Mugen-look EG6 SiR from L2P…


Noriyuki Ebara’s FA5 Civic Si sedan from L2P….


Everybody knows Masaki Morohashi’s S13 Silvia…


…as well as Daisuke Nakayama’s Shuttle and Sudo’s EF….


This DC5 looks straight outta the U.S. slammed on Enkei RPF1 wheels…


Can’t say I can ever recall a time when I saw Hiro’s AT Civic with a hood on it….


This coupe stays rolling slammed on Takechi Project Racing Hart Super Spokes…


Matuzaka’s S2000 making a grand exit as we close Part 3 here for today. Part 4 of 4 coming up next, thanks for looking!!….

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