Kday Chapter 4 Japan Coverage, A Different Perspective…Part 4 of 4…

As mentioned yesterday, these last couple posts are always the most interesting because you as a viewer get to really see what goes on behind-the-scenes after an event ends. Most sites will only provide you with coverage of the actual event, but I’ve always been really fascinated with everything else that goes on around the show from start to finish. I doubt you’ll see Kday coverage anywhere else regardless because it isn’t a “major” event but showing you guys everything that happens helps to give you guys a more personal look at the enthusiasts involved. Many of these guys in Japan are friends now too so a detailed look really gives me the sense of how the event went even though I couldn’t be there. I really want to make it out there maybe next year or whenever I get the opportunity. Sendai is a region of Japan that I haven’t been too yet so I’d like to try to explore it. The car guys there really seem to get the “West Coast USDM” style over in Sendai and Takeshi Kobayashi has played a huge role in keeping that style true to form. He also brings Cali lifestyle in general to that area with clothing, merchandise, and other goods from various popular American brands. You’ll see later in this post that he even has an American house in Japan! I love what he is doing there and I don’t think there is a better representative of U.S. lifestyle than Takeshi. We try to give him insight whenever we can about the stuff going on here but honestly, he’s been doing this for so long that he can probably figure it all out on his own…

Anyways, thanks to Shota Mori once again for shooting the event and providing such detailed coverage of Kday C4. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have. Congrats to Takeshi Kobayashi on another great year and I wish him the best of luck in the future with all his endeavors. He should be coming out here pretty soon so it’ll be fun to do random shit with him and a couple of the other Japanese who are visiting for YearSIX and SEMA in Las Vegas…

Well, this is the end for the Kday C4 Coverage so make sure to take a trip back into time to catch-up with all the previous posts from both Shota Mori as well as Koji Karimata….

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…and here’s the fourth and final installment…


Takeshi’s USDM Acura Integra Type R on bronze Mugen MF10 parked at his Type_K Autosource booth….


A couple of the Kday C4 staff members getting together for some good laughs….


A couple of USDM CL coupes with some TL/Inspires…The one up front appears to be on some Ferrari wheels…


A gathering of modded KA7/8 Legends….


Shingu’s JDM ITR and Takeshi’s USDM ITR….


Shingu and friends….


The guys having some fun with one another’s cars….


Hiro Ueda’s USDM Odyssey, which is a cleaner, much better version of mine….


Mori’s CA Accord with two other modifed CAs…


Here’s a good look at Mori’s Honda Vigor 2.0 Super Stage rear trunk conversion. I don’t know how many of you actually know this but the Vigor had been around for quite some time in Japan prior to those weird 5-cylinder ones we had here in the states. They were basically just alternate versions of the CA Accords so the parts were interchangeable. As you can see, he has the Vigor trunk but still has the Accord bumper, hence the lack of any place to put a rear license plate….


I really like how his Accord looks on the Volk Artisan Fins. Generationally speaking, this wheel is almost perfect for this chassis….


Slammed CA Accord. I wonder how he got this chassis to be this low because the suspension design back then didn’t really allow for these cars to get very low….


Daisuke Nakayama’s Shuttle airred-out on Equip 01….


Tomohiro Sudo’s EF rollin out of the venue. His sedan is also on air suspension as you can see….


Nakayama at his cruising ride height….


Yasuhiro Hashiba’s Toyota Mark II to USDM Cressida conversion….


Masaru Tanaka’s AE111 Corolla which is basically chassis-swapped with a U.S. Corolla…..


CA and CB Accord together on period perfect wheels…


Satoshi Aizawa’s CR-X looking pretty good on Mugen MR5 wheels. Dig the two-toned theme on this build though I must admit that I really like his Mugen Pro.2 CR-X more….


Eventually the lot emptied out and guys were able to get good shots of their cars as the sunset in Sendai….


Nakamura’s Legend with Mori’s Accord….


Takeshi’s R and his CR-V family commuter…..


Takuya’s slammed EG on Sprint Hart wheels….


Takeshi gathered the group and thanked all the people who helped him organize the event that day….


Saito’s Midori EK9 on Spoon SW388….


Seemed like the only cars that remained at the end of the day were white 90s Hondas, haha… Eventually, everyone did leave the venue though. Most went home but some cruised over to Takeshi Kobayashi’s house to chill. Since there were guys from out of town, Takeshi decided to have a little chill session over at his place….


When it comes to people who go far beyond “normal” lengths to bring USDM to Japan, I don’t know anyone more dedicated than my boy Takeshi. This guy has been bringing U.S. goods into Japan for over a decade now, but he is so about the U.S. lifestyle that he actually built a house in his hometown of Sendai based off of American blueprints. What that means is that he went and had an American house built in Japan, with the huge front yard, green grass, white picket fence and all….


Another cool feature about his house is that a section of it also serves as his office/business….


A rare glimpse inside his shop area where he stores limited goods from both the U.S. and Japan…..


His driveway and garage door look straight out of America. He even has the lights for the lawn and everything….

As usual, Shota Mori stopped by Akebono USDM before heading back on his long drive home….


Lowered old school Benz parked by their shop…


Mokkun’s EF9 and Takahashi’s CR-X….


One more of the EF8 SIR…


…Mokkun’s EF9 again…


Nice symmetry on this shot by Mori…


A close-up of the old Work Ewing Mesh on the CB Accord….


Great to see a really clean CB chassis in Japan. These were never the most popular Hondas to build anywhere so it is always a pleasure to see them modified and in great condition…


I’ve always been more of a Kouki 92-93 CB front end type of guy, but I can appreciate the older 90-91 front faces. This one even has U.S. headlights, corners and I believe the front bumper itself is also USDM…


Can’t say I’ve seen a CB with dual rear fogs integrated into the bumper though….


Mori himself had a CB Accord for a little bit until one of his friends offered to buy it from him. After he sold it, the got back to work on getting his CA Accord running again and I guess everything worked out because he was able to take it everywhere…


CB coupe rear and Vigor rear end…



The Aero Disc on the Artisan Fins are a great look for his Accord…


…and with that concludes the fourth and final post of the Kday C4 series. Congrats to Takeshi Kobayashit for organizing a great event that hosted a ton of great builds. Hopefully even some of the newer kids can look back at it with appreciation some day. Thanks for looking everyone and a huge thanks to Shota Mori for the great shots!!…


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  1. “Takeshi Kobayashit” – you guys at the point of the friendship when you can give each other shit now, literally? haha

  2. “Takeshi Kobayashit” – you guys at the point in your friendship when you can give each other shit now, literally? haha

  3. If you’ll allow me to nitpick – ’cause CBs are the shiz and my eyes have been all over this thing – the Accord has JDM headlights. The American market had alignment nipples on the glass, and our high-beam section is wider. But damn, that car is beautiful.

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