Year.SIX The Chronicles Anniversary 2014 Coverage…Part 2…


Hopefully those of you who attended Year.SIX got to experience the camaraderie that exists with mostly everyone in attendance that day. This meet is really all about the people. At the core of it, it is a car meet but I really wanted people to feel welcome and be able to enjoy the event whether their cars were there or not. Spots sell out early every year but its not really a big deal for me personally whether you have your car there, as long as you still come to hang out. People tell me that it has the same vibe of the older Eibach events in that it feels more intimate and that’s a great thing. When I first started doing these anniversary shindigs, I had no idea how it was going to go. Shit could have been a total flop and I think we would have just laughed it off and went to go eat after. I don’t know. I just think things worked out better because I didn’t have any expectations of how it should or should not go. That way its not like I’m throwing my kid a birthday party and then disappointed when no one comes because my kid is fucking lame, haha. You always hear me say this but honestly, if no one showed up, that’d be perfectly fine. I still feel weird when the spots sell out so quick because I don’t grasp why it is such a big deal…

Everything has become sort of routine now in that the venue doesn’t change and the layout is virtually the same. I wake up, show up late to my own event, get cars parked, and we have a good time. Even my friends have zero stress when it comes to planning out this event because they’ve already been through it. The morning when we rolled out to Corona, it just felt like we were cruising together to someone else’s event. I kinda wanted to stop for breakfast too but then I would have been really late, haha. By the time the Chronicles booth was set-up, I found myself with nothing to do because everyone else had already taken care of everything, and that’s fucking amazing. Most of my time was just spent hanging out and bullshitting. I remember at 2YRS (year two), I was so stressed beyond belief that I didn’t even take any pictures and I just wanted to go sleep. Time just flew by this year. People came by and were saying bye to me as the sun was setting before I even had a chance to walk around and see who was winning what award. Maybe it was too relaxing in that sense. I don’t know. Chalk it up to having amazing people on board to help out and diehard supporters. I’m humbled in your presence…

Thanks to everybody who had a helping hand in making Year.SIX so good, and special thanks to Dougie and Leslie for manning the booth while I was running around doing who knows what…

If you missed Part 1, please make sure to read through it before moving on today….

Year.SIX The Chronicles Anniversary 2014 Coverage…Part 1….

Part 2 cometh…time for me to eat lunch, enjoy….



Dustin McQueary and his DA have had a pretty solid year. I remember him hitting me up on Facebook one day asking if I knew anything about A-Sports individual throttle bodies. He saw a set for sale and I told him that they were pretty solid. Rodrez had them in the past on his Civic build and then Arnel from Phaze2 did as well. I hadn’t ever heard anything bad about them so I told him to give it a shot. Come to find out that he actually purchased them, polished them up, and had them on already in time for Year.SIX….



Karina Felix’s EF8 SiR-look CR-X on bronze Volk TE37. Always good to see a nice, clean female-built Honda….



Marcus Cooke’s supercharged G35 sedan on Airlift suspension. He hasn’t been as active as he was in 2013 so I’m happy to see him find the time to come out for my event….



Jessy Villacruz’s LS430 takes a unique approach on showing off his engine bay without having to completely remove his hood. On the LS chassis, the grille and hood are all attached and one-piece so when you pop the hood, you tend to see all that ugliness behind the front grille. To show off his custom plated engine bay and intake set-up, he took a hood and cut it up, leaving the front section attached as they do typically on VAG builds. This makes for a cool look that most VIP guys haven’t thought to do prior…nice job…


Black LS430UL from LEGACY with full Fabulous aero kit and Fabulous Profound wheels….



Chris Ortez’s high-modded, Top Secret-themed, Vortech-supercharged G35 sedan. Chris has been all over this year including a Targa Trophy run during the summer. Always good to see Chris. One of the nicest dudes around…


Michael Mao’s vinyl-wrapped twin-turbo NSX really needs no introduction at this point. Not only was he the #1 on The Chronicles Top Ten Hondas in 2013, he continued his success by winning multiple awards at various shows in ’14….


Leon Casino’s NSX has been slowly coming along. He’s added a host of parts in 2014 and the car is getting more and more aggressive. Leon is usually the guy who you meet first when you arrive at my event because he’s the guy watching the gate. He always comes through for me and helps without asking for anything in return. Awesome dude and I couldn’t ask for more….


Chris Ratawessnant’s BB6 Prelude build looking consistently good….


Keychain decided to keep his IS300 at home for the day and brought out his daily Accord sedan w/coupe front end…



Good to see Nick Higgins’ and his super clean EF at Year.SIX. Big fan of this build and always stop to take a nice long look at the bay….



Dave Chik’s DA is just all-time man, plain and simple. If you were to look up timeless in the Honda dictionary, this is the image that would be associated with it. He’s always real low key and humble about the car too which makes it that much better….


One of my favorite mirrors of all-time, EC Works, aka “the mannequin foot” mirror…



Right next to Dave on the list of all-timers is Jason Haradon and his Honda builds. For 2014, he blew people’s minds with this resto-modded EG Civic that has more brand new parts than Honda can even offer. The car is just amazing, simply put. Many will get, many more won’t but I think this is the future for many older Honda guys that just want a nice clean Honda to cruise around in forever….



Another great restored Honda build is this green hatchback on Mugen RnRs. Don’t really care to mention the name of the guy who put the car together but I’m happy that it is in good hands now, haha…


DPK Chuy’s duo of Integra Type R wins the imaginary “MBN+ITR Award” at Year.SIX. I think I should just create a new award next year for the dude who maxes out on MBNs….


His freshly fabricated bolt-in roll bar looks fantastic….



Jorge Sandoval showed up to Year.SIX with a slight makeover for his Civic. He still has the yellow contrast pieces but they are more subtle now. Gone are the yellow TEs and he’s gone and coated other accessories in his engine bay in black….



Jeremy Allgier’s Prelude build has been a real eye-catcher this year. Love the nicely done engine bay and the new Advan RGII wheels…..



You guys just recently saw this car all the way down in Houston, Texas, but the Integra made its way back to Cali and down to Socal in time for Year.SIX….



Kerwin’s H22 supercharged RHD EG6 Civic with a BackYard Special front lip and Work VS-KFs…..



Always stop to take a look at this really clean single cam Civic build with one of the cleanest bays in Cali. Nice to see Central Cali represented because no one ever wants to go there, haha…



Only at Year.SIX will you see more than two Preludes at any given time, haha…. I’ve always been a fan of this chassis so I try to squeeze them in when I can….


Honda del Sol with JDM front bumper and Mugen MF10L….


Ramiro Morales’ Prelude sitting on some pretty aggressive Work VS-XX wheels….


Yuta Akaishi’s Civic is the one and only STICKYDILJOE.COM endorsed track vehicle and will be present at the upcoming Super Lap Battle as well as Redline Time Attack…..


Always good to see my boy Cody and his Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed Civic track car….


Tuning marvel and all around nice guy Kristian Wong’s circuit-prepped Civic with custom cut front fenders, Battlecraft hood, C-West front bumper, and custom APR splitter….


Amir Bentatou’s Porsche 911 build made a rare appearance at a non-track event…. I think people were starting to wonder why a guy that always drives beat-up Hondas and an E36 M3 was calling himself “that911” on Instagram….


For some random reason, Brian Lau decided to drive his Varis widebody Subaru WRX STI all the way down from Canada for Year.SIX. I don’t know why anyone would drive that far for a meet but I’m happy to host him, haha. Thanks for making the trek sir!!….

That’s a wrap for today. Part 3 of 3 coming real quick!!…Thanks for looking!!!

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  1. I see at least 5 preludes 🙂 Thanks for including ’em Joe 🙂

  2. I see lots of Preludes, but no Big Mike…

    We in for a rebuild debut in 2015?

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