Year.SIX The Chronicles Anniversary 2014 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

It seems like there’s just too much content to unload still so I might as well get this finale out for you guys on an easy Sunday. I know these updates seem a little late but honestly, as always, SEMA week throws everything out of order and I just end up with a ton of content that I need to process. Typically, things slow down after my week in Las Vegas but since Yasu from Tactical Art is still in town from Japan, I decided to take him along with me to go check out the Super Lap Battle event at Button Willow. I really wanted to maximize his time here and made sure he got to see everything that our community has to offer so it just seemed like the right thing to do to go see the SLB event…

Today, we get to see the final, closing portion of my Year.SIX event coverage. This seems almost unimportant considering how much great content I’ve seen from a bunch of you guys in the past week or so of Year.SIX. I’m usually on the camera-side of things but honestly, it feels really cool to see other people out there shooting an event that I hosted. I’m so accustomed to being the photographer that I don’t really ever get to understand what it feels like to be the organizer. Online media seems to be everywhere these days so there was an abundance of Year.SIX coverage out before I even had a chance to look at my memory card. That’s awesome though because it is always interesting to see things from someone else’s perspective, no matter who it is. I believe that it almost makes you appreciate these builds that much more because you have so many eyes on a particular car and you really get to see it from angles that even you normally wouldn’t look at them in. I’m very familiar with so many of these builds that I am often curious to see what people are looking at or if they are seeing the same details as I am. It never hurts to see things through someone else’s eyes. Maybe there is something you missed and you didn’t notice it until someone else showed it to you….

In any case, I hope you guys that attended the event enjoyed it as much as I did. For me, it was a genuinely humbling experience seeing everyone come out to support to site. It makes all the hard work worth it, you know? There are nights when I am just going through photos only to wonder if anyone even cares to look at them and your support at Year.SIX really validates my efforts. I am always thankful for all the kind words and the support through the years. Above all else, it is just good to see car guys getting together to chat and have a good time together. Everything else like awards and what not are all secondary. The friendships that we build from participating in this great hobby of ours will last longer than any award we win or any faux internet credit we gain from strangers. As I always say, I never imagined things would be where they are today. It all just started out as something fun to do and to kill time so I can’t fathom why and where all the support comes from. I’m just happy that there are people that enjoy cars as much as I do. Year.SIX was an event to celebrate the anniversary of The Chronicles, but in actuality, it was an event for all of you. THANK YOU….

Cheers and here is to many more. Let’s stay on this train and see how far it takes us….

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Here is the 3rd and final installment of the Year.SIX coverage…



Chivas Sotelo made the trip out from Vegas for Year.SIX in his turbocharged EM1 coupe on Rotiform TMB wheels….


Kyle Buss’ TSX featuring a Spoon Sports front bumper and Work Emotion CR Kai. Here you can see him snapping a photo of my boy Dougie and Amy Fay….


Glad to see Minh from Royal Origin’s IS sitting on Work Meister S1 wheels….


Shavi’s Mazda 3 hammered to the floor on Kosmis Racing wheels…


K-swapped EM1 coupe on 16-inch Regamaster EVOs….


Wallechan’s EF sedan seated on aggressive 2-piece Work Meister wheels….


My old buddy Jeff Correa from San Diego’s bagged and wrapped FA5 Civic on Leon Hardiritt Ordens….


DB Integra sedan with a mild front splitter set-up on polished JLine wheels…



Always been a fan of Randell Ang’s turbocharged CIvic coupe with JDM bumpers and Rega EVOs. You can tell he’s been a long time supporter of The Chronicles because he has a very, very, early version of the original Chronicles decal, circa 2009….


Issac Sierra’s Super Sonic Blue Pearl Integra that was meticulously refinished by the same paint shop that did both my cars, Premier Auto Body in North Hollywood….


I never get tired of seeing Midori Green Civics…. This one looked particularly good with the JDM EK4 SiR bumpers and silver Volk TE37s….


Royce Riel’s Civic hatchback rocking a J’s Racing front lip and black Mugen RnRs….



This clean JDM ITR-faced Integra had a tidy boosted B-series set-up and Volk TE37SLs…



It’s always a pleasure to see this Pepper White CTR-clone with a well-kept bay and a perfectly contrasting set of TE37 wheels in its signature bronze finish…


I ended up giving Martin the “Most Improved” award at Year.SIX because of the multitude of changes he’s made in the past year. He had mentioned that he had acquired some new parts prior to him registering for my event but I really had no idea how serious it was until I saw the car in person. He even installed his J.Blood front bumper which he had intended to save for 2015…. CLICK HERE to see his car from 2013….



Speaking of changes, Ray’s Integra saw some significant changes in the engine bay in 2014, when he decided to pull the motor out, delete a bunch of unnecessary parts, and had the whole thing resprayed….


Sportcar Motion’s signature “Dark Knight” DC5 RSX showed up to Year.SIX with a completely new look. Not only did they pick up a Garrett Turbo sponsorship, the entire car was also redone in orange, which is a far departure from its flat black appearance from year’s past….


Kouki DC5 with A-Spec front lip and Volk RE30s….



Daniel Herrera’s K-swapped ZF1 CR-Z made an appearance rocking a fresh set of fender flares and an aggressive custom front splitter mounted under his J’s Racing front lip….


K-swapped Civic also with bolt-on fender flares and a BYS front bumper. The hatchback also features a J’s Racing rear spoiler, Vision side mirrors, and bronze Volk CE28s…


Slammed FA5 Civic SI on white Advan Racing RGII…


Project Zero member Andre Sang Pham’s turbocharged J’s Racing GT widebody S2000 on beefy Advan Racing GT wheels…


Tim Macasero’s Amuse widebody AP2 S2000 from Project Zero San Diego….



A couple shots of Jamie Cano Carter’s Subaru Wagon since it sits real nice on TE37Vs….


You don’t see very many sets of Mugen NR wheels these days, especially on Integras….



Another set of wheels you don’t see very often these days are these white Work RSZ wheels on Francisco Torres K-swapped EF hatchback. Definitely not the most attractive wheels of all-time but it always brings that nostalgic feeling out of you every time you see them…


JDM RHD CR-X SiR in mint condition on Mugen RnRs….


Jose Jaimes’ K20 CR-X that you had a chance to see in full detail in the 2014 Super Street Honda Issue…



His brother Luis Jaimes’ Civic was also in the same issue but had its engine bay resprayed after it hit newstands in time for this year’s Wekfest San Jose event…


Jonathan Monteith’s Civic hatch with an aggressive front end that features a J’s front lip and Chargespeed wide fenders….



Rob Perez’s Spoon Sports catalog-perfect Civic build….



Cooper Boudia has recently relocated to California from Washington state along with his beautifully-done, home-built Integra….



Closing out Part 3 of 3 with some shots of my boy Kemritte Seang’s 20-valve 4A-GE swapped Corolla on Hoshino Impul wheels. He doesn’t attended meets or shows very often so I’m happy to chose to bring his Corolla out to my event. If you appreciate old Toyotas than you’ll know all the subtle nuances of this build and why it is so cool….

That’s all folks. Thanks again to all of you for the continued support and hopefully if all goes well, we get to do it all over again 365 days from now…

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