SEMA 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

Today’s SEMA ’14 post showcases some more variety from their annual event. Sure the show was heavy on all things Rocket Bunny and widebody this and that but if you really take the time to walk-through the show, you’ll see a ton of great stuff that isn’t. I told myself I’d really try to cut down on the stuff that isn’t exactly relevant to the site but there were some domestic builds at the show that were just straight-up jaw-dropping. My boy Der and I are always looking for great builds, no matter what they are, so we stopped in our tracks when we encountered some of the more highly-modified custom domestics. You’ll see many of them here today mixed in with all the other goodies from SEMA. The great thing about the SEMA show is that there is always tons of information on every car at the show. It is an industry event after all so there are often websites that showcase each of these builds and many of them even have official press releases that detail the cars. I’m not gonna sit here and act like I know everything so I literally linked you guys to some of these sites so you can seek out more information on your own. If you find yourself interested in some of these cars, check the links to see more of them. For the cars that aren’t linked, you can simply just search for them on Google and a ton of info will come up. Cars at SEMA aren’t there to be secretive. They are prominently displayed because they represent the brands and companies that pay good money to be at SEMA and so they can’t risk hiding anything from the public. Search engines are your friends in this situation but hopefully the photos that I took tell their own story and you see with your own eyes all the details of every car documented….

If you missed Part 1, check the link below…

SEMA 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Here’s a ton more from SEMA 2014….




The Honda booth played host to a slew of customized Honda Fit builds from various personalities. You guys got to see the Spoon Sports USA Fit build a couple weeks ago when I detailed the build-up. CLICK HERE if you wanna check it out again…



The Bisimoto Engineering turbocharged Honda Fit done in typical Bisi-style with the traditional colorway and Buddy Club accessories….



The East Coast was well-represented with this wild turbocharged Fit built by Kenny Vinces. Overall a very good build other than the cheesy XXR wheels….


KW Suspension displayed this beautifully-done 1985 Porsche 911 from BBI. The 930 is powered by a 3.6L Cup engine and features Fifteen52’s “52 Outlaw” wheel which was done in collaboration with Magnus Walker. You can read a ton more about this 911 HERE….


Tanner Foust’s Rauh Welt Begriff-themed Volkswagen Beetle at the ENEOS booth…



Toyota brought out their beautifully-designed FT1 Concept for the world to see. Love the lines of this car and can’t wait to see the final production version….


One of the most interesting and delightfully bizarre vehicles at SEMA was this 2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper Drag Car. The entire body lifts, as you can see, to reveal an 850 horsepower 5.7L Tundra V8 engine….


Audi S5 at the Mackin Industries booth showing off Rays Engineering’s lastest Versus Variance VV10M wheel…


BMW M4 coupe on Rays Volk G25 wheels…


I’m a huge fan of the new Lexus RC F coupe and this one in particular looks great on Advan AVS Model F50 wheels….



Evasive Motorsports always brings the goods to SEMA 2014 and this R35 GTR was yet another prime example of how they are always on their game. This GTR features the Advan Racing GT wheel and a host of aero from various Japanese manufacturers like Ben Sopra and Voltex…


Check out this custom GReddy center-exit exhaust on the Ben Sopra rear bumper of the R35….


Subaru WRX STI on Gram Lights 57Getter wheels, produced as always by Rays Wheels….




The Roadster Shop builds some of the best custom domestic vehicles I’ve ever seen and this Barracuda, dubbed the “Hell Fish”, was just spectacular. Ryan Der and I are big Pro-Touring style fans so we always take the time to appreciate the domestics at SEMA 2014…. See detailed photos of the build HERE….




The Roadster Shop also created this custom Dodge Charger, which they have named “Sliced”. Love the gray/red colorway and the custom interior on this build. The custom metal work on the body flows great with the wheels as well. You can see more of it HERE….




This is “MaliciouSS”, a 1964 Chevelle SS created by, you guessed it, The Roadster Shop…My favorite part of this build, other than the engine bay, is the custom rear end. The entire trunk area was reworked and a custom rear garnish and taillights were grafted in for a very unique look. See more of it HERE….


BBI’s Porsche 991 GT3 on display at the HRE wheels booth…


Porsche 918 Spyder on the center stage at the HRE booth….


The Ring Brothers never disappoint with their builds either. At the HRE display area was this 1965 Mustang aka “Blizzard”, which is powered by a NASCAR Sprint Cup V8 motor and HRE’s new 560R wheel…. You can read all about it HERE….



One of the most talked-about builds at SEMA last year was this 1969 Ford Talladega GPT Special, built by Rad Rides by Troy. It was back again this year and on display in the MOTHERS booth….Here’s a story on it from the 2013 SEMA Show….



Crazy custom fuel cell in the back of the GPT Special. This is a remarkable build that you really just have to experience in person. I say “experience” because you just don’t simply look at this car. You have to really see it in all of its subtle details and it’ll change the way you look at custom car builds…


Really liked this piece at the HRE wheels area. Makes me want to do something similar with our cars and have a wall piece like this at the shop….



Liberty Walk’s widebody Porsche 997 GT3 which was put together in collaboration with BBI and LTMW….



Elvis Skender from StanceNation decided to build something completely new for SEMA 2014 and debuted his Aimgain GT Scion FR-S….


The flared FR-S features a Vortech supercharger and Work Emotion wheels. People always complain about how they don’t like the lines of the Aimgain kit but I’ve been a fan of it ever since I saw it in person at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier in the year. I dig it. It’s completely different and unique in a way where people wouldn’t confuse it with any Miura designed kit….


Amazing Chevy Nova under the bright lights within the Meguiar’s display area….



One of my favorites from this year’s SEMA event was definitely the GReddy Rocket Bunny Lexus RC F. I think the kit works really well with the lines of the new Lexus coupe and everything just flows so well overall. The wheels, color, color accents, and all are just spot-on. GReddy did a great job with this build and no wonder it was one of THE cars to see at SEMA….


Speedhunters’s entry into this year’s Scion Tuner Challenge competition….


Classic Toyota colors paired with the modern lines of the KM4SH aero kit….


The best thing about this build was all the little details that set it apart from the other two Scions competing…


I’m sure you guys know by now but the Speedhunters car ended-up winning the entire competition, with the Super Street build coming in a very close second….


GT Channel’s MINE’S-themed Scion FR-S on Volk ZE40s. This was a more performance-minded build compared to the other two….


Super Street’s Scion Tuner Challenge build featured custom-molded Rocket Bunny flares mixed with FR-S Release Series 1.0 aero….



The best engine bay of the trio definitely went to the Super Street build, as it was highlighted but a completely shaved and tucked engine bay. Not only did it have a custom Rywire Mil-spec engine harness, the motor was also the only of the three running custom individual throttle bodies. The bay was so clean that it looked like the engine wasn’t even functional but it indeed does run….


Custom BBS wheels fill out the widened fenders….


…and the trunk of the SS FR-S offered a custom audio display filled with infinity mirrors and custom lighting…


Here you can see the 2nd Place check from the Challenge. You can also see the custom Super Street touches and the color-matched roll cage….


One more look at the ITB set-up and the custom drive-by wire system….


Cosworth played along with the Rocket Bunny theme of SEMA 2014 with this RB Version II Scion FR-S on Enkei RS-05RR wheels. Love the livery on it…


Custom widebody Acura NSX on SSR Executor wheels and Airrex suspension…




Outside of the Wheel/Tire Hall was this Rocket Bunny Ver. II FR-S on two different sets of brand new AME wheels….


Closing it out here with some more TRA Kyoto goodness, this FD3S was yet another RX-7 at SEMA wearing Rocket Bunny armor…

Thus ends Part 2 of the SEMA ’14 coverage. Just one more part to go to end the series. Stay tuned and thanks for looking!!!…

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