The Chronicles Tokyo 2015 Coverage…Part 7: Spoon Sports and Type One…

Every year when I visit Tokyo, Japan, I always try to make it down to Spoon Sports. There is always something cool to see there and thanks to Aaron Wang from Spoon Sports USA, I often get unprecedented access to any and everything that they have to offer. As you guys got to see in the first part of the video piece I put together, we literally just get to do whatever we want. I don’t think anyone else can give you coverage of Spoon/TYPE ONE like I can because you’d be crazy to think that you could do so much in such a short amount of time there. Hell, I still don’t believe it sometimes when I think back. We all grew up looking at Spoon Sports like it was a place that was infinitely untouchable because it was in Japan. When I was younger, I never even thought I’d ever get a chance to step foot in that facility because it just didn’t seem realistic to even travel to Japan! Now we get to see, touch, and feel what it is like to be at this historical location. It is trips like this that remind me that what I am doing is “right” despite all the sacrifices that I’ve had to make to continue on this journey. I think the friends that accompanied me on this trip couldn’t even fathom the idea of hanging out at TYPE ONE and being able to look at all the cars with the type of access that we had. I wanted to make sure we had video this time too because there is just some stuff that you can’t capture properly with just photos. I love how Der was able to give you guys a glimpse of what goes on up in their storage loft because all you ever get to see in photos is that section from below. It is so tight up there that it is difficult to get photos and you don’t get an idea of just how tight and small it is up there without video capabilities. Things don’t really change much at TYPE ONE. They work on cars there for both Spoon Sports and for private customers so cars filter in and out pretty quickly. Upstairs on the second floor is where you want to be. That is more of a showroom area with a host of Spoon Sports builds. They work on cars up there as well but it is kept so clean that you wouldn’t even imagine that they do stuff like engine swaps there…

Today, not only do I have a large set of photos for you guys, I also have the second, concluding, portion of my video blog covering our Spoon Sports/TYPE ONE visit. In this video, not only do you get to see more of the Spoon EK and EG, we also give you a quick glimpse inside the private storage area back at the Spoon Sports office. Make sure you set aside some time to really look through the photos and watch the video piece. There is some great stuff that you might miss if you decide to just skim through it casually. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be back at Spoon or TYPE ONE again so I just captured everything that I saw in the hours that we were there. Enjoy and please, if you plan to repost, give proper credit and do not alter my work in any way. Thanks….

If you missed the first part of the Vlog we put together on Spoon, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT. You do no want to miss it…

The Chronicles Vlog #4 (Part 5): More from SPOON SPORTS and TYPE ONE…

Below are photos from our visit to TYPE ONE….


The car that was right on the center floor of TYPE ONE was this FD2 Civic Type R race car. Unlike the much wilder Spoon FD2 that currently resides here in the U.S., this one is more understated and not turbocharged with extensive aero. This Spoon build is actually for sale as well and priced around $35k USD, which is not a bad deal at all once you get a closer look inside….


Despite its subtle nature and lack of aero, the interior is where you really see how extensively modified it is. The interior is completely gutted and the driver’s side of the vehicle offers some incredibly cool, and RARE, goods. If you take a closer look, (or if you watched the first vlog I did on Spoon) you’ll notice the carbon fiber door panel that actually was created to form around the roll cage….


The door panel is a full carbon piece and is designed by Mugen. It is shaped to wrap perfectly around the cage because the cage itself is also a rare Mugen piece….


On the door panel is a metal badge that states that it is a special HOA (Honda One Make Race Association) piece produced by M-TEC, better known to the world as Mugen….


The window safety net is a bright green color and is also a Mugen-made part with the Designated Parts badge also attached…


A look at the cockpit of the FD2 with the net properly mounted to the cage…


A thick dimple-died and gusseted box is right at the driver’s seat to protect the driver from side impact….


A peek at the Spoon Sports steering wheel through the Mugen safety net…


Another angle of the incredibly well-crafted Mugen carbon door panel…


Again, nothing crazy on the outside. Just a set of WED’s TC105N wheels and the traditional Spoon livery….


A better look at the Mugen roll cage from the rear…


It’s not every day that you get to sit on the end of the car storage platform at TYPE ONE so my boy Ryan Der took full advantage of it. The koala is actually from Spoon Sports Australia…


This S2000 is actually a customer car that was at TYPE ONE for service. If I remember correctly, it was getting a full suspension overall with rebuilt dampers and everything….


Among the sea of race cars inside, it stood out like a sore thumb because it didn’t have anything but TYPE ONE decals on it and a set of Spoon Sports front brakes….


The AP2 also had a set of Advan Racing RS wheels with what appeared to be Project Mu rear rotors in the rear…


Spoon Sports Super Taikyu Honda Fit. If you saw the Spoon Sports USA Fit build at last year’s SEMA Show, this will look very familiar as that car was created to resemble this Fit with the same wheels and all…



Here is the interior of the Fit RS interior, which has been gutted and caged for race purposes….


The rear of the Fit is bare with only the cage and the ram air ducting that runs directly into the Recaro driver’s seat….


Due to strict rules and regulations for the Super Taikyu race series, the motor is left essentially stock. It has just been dressed-up to give it that traditional Spoon-feel….



This Honda Fit RS was K-swapped and featured Spoon brakes and CR93 wheels….



As you heard Tatsuru Ichishima of Spoon mention in the previous Vlog I posted, this is a Spoon-built C32B NSX-R engine. Crazy to see that it was just being pushed around on a cart at TYPE ONE…


One more shot of the S2000 customer car next to their valve cover and engine display area….


Spoon Sports AP2 S2000 race car that I had a chance to check out the last time I was at TYPE ONE in 2014…


The Spoon Sports EK9 CTR being lowered into the bottom floor of TYPE ONE via their wall-mounted lift. If you’re wondering, that is actually a rear wing from their Spoon Fit. Not sure why or how it ended up on their EK9…


I also got to see this car the last time I visited in 2014 but since Der was sick the last time and couldn’t make it, we brought it down so we could all get a closer look at it…


Airwalker front bumper with custom mounts in the opening for ducting to the front brakes. You can also see the inlet for the air jacks in the front grille…


The interior of the Spoon Sports Civic Type R…


Modified and chopped dashboard with a digital instrument display and Spoon steering wheel…



The custom fuel cell and filler set-up in the rear of the EK9…


The heart of the Spoon EK9 featuring a host of original Spoon components. Make note of the dual-pass full-size radiator. Also worth noting is the wrinkle yellow valve cover, which is unlike their more popular gloss yellow finish…


Rare EC Works side mirrors, aka the mannequin foot mirror…


Big Spoon brakes up front that require 17-inch Spoon CR93 wheels….


Rarely-seen Airwalker rear bumper….


ATL fuel-filler exposed via a cut trunk that is latched to the body of the CTR…



The Spoon EG Civic was sitting on display outside but a giant pole was in the way so I had them move the car across the street for some better photos. This is the same EG that you guys saw sitting on jackstands inside TYPE ONE a couple years ago when I visited. If you don’t remember or weren’t around for that, this is actually not a retired race car but a full restoration build that TYPE ONE put together. They actually used a number of donor EG Civics to get all the right parts to assemble this car….


Being that it was a restoration build just for their own keeping, I couldn’t help but think how great it would look with the Spoon Sports carbon front lip on it. Maybe they just aren’t done with it yet but it would be great to see some classic Spoon parts re-emerge on this car….


…and for me personally, I just don’t see it as a traditional Spoon build without a set of black Spoon SW388 wheels and a thick tire. Nonetheless, it is cool to think that they would actually put forth the effort to create a new EG project…


No Spoon cluster or anything similiar here. The dashboard instead houses three Defi gauges mounted to a carbon plate…


Like the others, this Civic has also been gutted and caged. Only amenities you’ll find in here are a single carbon kevlar Spoon bucket seat, Spoon wheels, shift knob and power windows….



A more detailed look at the dash area once we moved the car inside TYPE ONE….



The engine bay of the Spoon Sports EG6 Civic, equipped with all the Spoon goodies you can think of…..


The Spoon Sports S2000 race car parked next to the street-trimmed AP2 with Mugen front lip….



This Spoon Sports AP2 race vehicle is actually a customer car from Taiwan. At one point it was Spoon’s but has since been sold to a private owner. Being that it is an original Spoon build, it still returns from Taiwan periodically for service here at TYPE ONE….


Off to the side posted against the wall is a NA1 NSX display engine complete with individual throttle bodies and their exhaust manifold which is priced at just around $2500 USD….

…and on that note, this concludes my visit to Spoon Sports and TYPE ONE. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to visit again in May when I return to Japan but I will definitely try. Thank you to Aaron Wang from Spoon Sports USA as always for giving us so much access to everything that Spoon has to offer and of course to Tatsuru Ichishima for taking the time to hang out with us for a bit.

Below are the photos that I took from our dinner after we went back to Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan. You see it documented in the video above but here are the stills if you guys care to look, haha…


Every dinner that we had in Japan included some drinking in one way or another…Beer was definitely the preferred drink because we actually had shit to do when we woke up…


This particular restaurant was one of the few in Japan that specialized in serving high-quality Chicken Sashimi, which is raw and completely safe to be eaten… Watch the vlog above for a better explanation….


We also ordered up some Horse Sashimi which was raw horse served with garlic and green onions….


Japanese variation of traditional Caeser’s Salad…


Chicken Nanban, which is fried chicken served with mayo and a side salad. This was delicious and so good that we ordered another before the night was over….


Der, Salem, and I had eaten the raw chicken before but it was Robert’s first time taking on the meat. It was met with some skepticism but he ultimately ate it and enjoyed it….


Wieners and cheese on a hot skillet…this too was delicious…


Yuri was also a first-timer and opted to try the raw horse meat first…


Robert smoking a cigarette after to cook the raw meat inside his body, haha….


Der also enjoyed one…


Yuri eating some bean curd and veggies…

We spent the rest of the night enjoying dinner before heading back to the hotel to rest up. The next day we were set to make the trek over to Osaka via bullet train, and that is an entire new adventure in itself. For the next update, I’ll be showing you all the crazy stuff we did in Osaka and if you have followed my Japan trips in the past, you know that Osaka tells its own story. Stay tuned and make sure to keep up to date on all the latest vlogs!…

Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks for viewing!…

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