Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos of Angel Torres’ Civic from 2015 Super Street…

I don’t know if it’s been ever stated publicly, but this feature was originally shot for the 2015 Super Street Honda Issue. It was actually the first Honda that I shot that hectic month when I was helping to put the issue together. In the early planning stages, the issue was supposed to consist of Mikey Cristi’s Integra, Phil Sison’s Integra, Matt Bouchard’s EF Civic, and this Civic, owned by Angel Torres of Nemos-Garage. In my eyes, it was perfect for the issue. Why? Well, simply because I feel like this is probably one of the best Honda builds that I had laid eyes on in the last 5 or so years. It is incredible, simply put. It came out of nowhere and immediately captured the attention of Honda enthusiasts nationwide and you won’t find another one like it. The motor and engine bay set-up is on point, the parts selection is second-to-none, and the interior is unlike anything other Honda build currently out. It seems so odd to retrofit an RSX interior into an older Civic like this but Angel made it work, and he pulled it off quite well. You could take a glance inside of the car and think that the interior belonged in there. Not only that, everything is still fully functional from the Bose sound system all the way down to the Immobilizer-feature on the RSX key that he uses….

What made the car that much better was it was not only an award-winning show car, Angel actually turned it into a competitive track vehicle as well. He decided one day that car shows just weren’t enough for him so he had another K20 engine assembled and proceeded to take it straight to the Redline Time Attack series. When I heard that all of this was happening, I really wanted to capture the car’s initial laps at the track so I went out to meet Angel at Buttonwillow. He had some issues with the car when he was putting it back together but did manage to make it out to Redline Time Attack and even won 1st overall in his class. I wanted to shoot the car and do the entire feature at the track because it was so bizarre to see this “show car” at the track but time just ran out that afternoon. It also began to rain towards the evening too which made it even more difficult to try to get photos. I did manage to get some action shots of it on the track and wanted to make sure that at least one of those shots made it into print to prove that Angel Torres’ Civic is more than just your average “show car”. Since then, he’s participated in other RTA events and has seemingly dominated his class. The supercharged engine just makes a lot of usable-power and Angel is constantly refining his driving technique. Being that I couldn’t shoot the car that day at Buttonwillow during its initial track debut, I arranged to shoot his car a separate day during a week day the following week. Below are the photos that I captured. Some made it into print, some didn’t. Today, you get to see it all. It didn’t make it into the Super Street Honda Issue because there was just too much content for that month, so his story was eventually moved back a month and appeared in the issue after. Either way, it worked out in the end because the build just shines and speaks for itself. It was a pleasure being able to see this car in full detail and see its gradual progression from a multiple award-winning show car to multiple podium finishes at the track…












Exterior: Sergeant front bumper; First Molding carbon fiber Flugel Plate, hood; Vision Technica Type-DC carbon fiber side mirrors; J’s Racing 3D GT wing w/custom polished stainless brackets; Top One Motors half-sized rear diffuser; Liquid Copper Metallic paint; Re-coated undercarriage; Shaved antenna, tailgate key hole, badges; All-new OEM Honda weather stripping, seals, window glass, window moldings; Custom-fitted OEM RSX door lock solenoids









Power: 373HP/240LB-FT TQ (Bisimoto-tuned)

Engine: 2006 2.0L Honda K20A; Hasport EGK1 engine mounts (polished); Hytech Exhaust-built motor, custom K20 oil pump, oil pan baffle, custom exhaust manifold; Benson open-deck sleeved engine block; ARP head studs; Carrillo H-beam connecting rods w/CARR bolts; Wiseco custom 86mm 11.5:1 ceramic-coated pistons; Stainless steel intake valves, Iconel exhaust valves, titanium retainers; Chevy IRL valve springs; RR valve job; Jackson Racing supercharger at 13psi of boost (polished); Merc Racing 3-inch supercharger pulley, Aftercooler, 76mm supercharger inlet (polished); All-In Fab heat exchanger (polished), oil catch can, coolant resevoir; Skunk2 Pro Series 76mm throttle body, Mega Power RR 76mm exhaust, valve cover washer kit, fender washers; Custom stainless, pie-cut intake w/Vibrant air filter; K-Tuned high-flow catalytic converter, throttle cable, machined throttle cable bracket, inline fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, fuel rail, mechanical/liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge, upper radiator stay, upper/lower radiator hoses, upper water neck, swiveled thermostat housing, oil cap, spark plug cover; Karcepts IACV block-off; Grams Performance 1150cc fuel injectors; Walbro 255lph fuel pump; Custom -6AN nylon/steel-braided fuel lines, -4AN nylon/steel-braided return line; Koyorad full-sized RSX radiator; Laminova 7.5-inch oil cooler; OEM Honda Type R valve cover (power-coated black); Full engine Mil-spec wire harness, Mil-spec firewall plug

Drivetrain: Gearspeed-built 6-speed manual transmission, carbon synchos, gear set; Quaife LSD; Torco transmission fluid; Custom clutch line; K-Tuned shifter cables, bushings, Race-spec full billet shifter; FEEL’S Twincam titanium shift knob; Insane Shafts 1000hp axles; Spec Stage 3 clutch, flywheel

Engine Management: AEM EMS Series II; Hondata 4-Bar MAP sensor; K-Tuned Hall TPS; Braille lightweight carbon fiber 11-lb battery


Footwork & Chassis: Eibach R2 coilover suspension, sway bars; ARP extended wheel studs; PCI bronze bushings; Kiwi Signature Series lower control arms, camber kits; ASR subframe brace; NEXT Miracle X-brace; Benen strut tower bar

Brakes: Wilwood 4-piston Forged Dynapro big brake kit, 11-inch front brake rotors, rear Combo Parking brake kit, 11-inch rear brake rotors, stainless braided brake lines; DC2 Integra master cylinder, brake proportioning valve; custom full stainless steel hardline brake tuck

Wheels & Tires: 15×8 +35 Volk Racing TE37SL; 225/45-15 Toyo Proxes R888







Interior: OEM RSX-S gauge cluster, wiring harness, motor harness, dash/floor harness, headlight/taillight harness, steering column, controls, immoblizer unit, E-brake handle, BOSE 6-disk CD changer, amplifier, front speakers; OEM RSX-S dashboard, center console re-wrapped in Bride Hyper Black fabric; Autometer digital electric boost gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge; AEM Serial Gauge; Custom gauge bezels; OEM 1993 Honda Civic door panels modified to fit with RSX-S dashboard, re-wrapped in Bride Hyper Black fabric; Bride Brix II driver seat, Euro II passenger seat; Sparco harness bar (chromed), Reflex pedal set; Takata 4-point safety harnesses; NRG carbon fiber quick release, short hub; Personal steering wheel; All-new OEM Honda interior trim




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  1. I love the fact that it’s roots-blown, and that dash swap is so well done. I’ve been daily-ing a base RSX for a few years now and love the hell out of my dashboard, haha! Been thinking of swapping one into my CB9 project car, since I know I won’t keep the DC5 forever. This is easily one of my favorite Civics though; there’s so much here that I’d do myself if I had the means.

  2. does the heating controls still work with the dash in the eg?

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