Wekfest East 2015 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you and tell you that I haven’t had a ton of shit going on back here at home. Most of you guys who follow me on my various social media outlets can see that. I’ve been traveling trying to cover events all over and it doesn’t make things any easier when I get home and it is HOT AS FUCK. Phaze2 HQ doesn’t have A/C, even though I told myself last year that I wouldn’t go another summer without it but being that the summer hadn’t been that bad this year, I thought I’d just kinda suck it up and survive. Well, I was wrong. The summer heat just decided to come later this year and I am dying in this fucking weather. Even at night the shop is hot as fuck and I’m sweating my ass off trying to upload content and edit video. I just got back from Final Bout 2 in Wisconsin and I thought it was bad out there. I come home and it is just as bad, if not worse this week. Temperatures have been in the triple digits and it makes me not want to do anything because it is just dreadful here at HQ. Yuta is trying to build a car in the shop too and I don’t even understand how he does it because he works all day as a mechanic in an even hotter part of the city…

In any case, I finally got around to uploading the rest of the Wekfest East 2015 Coverage. Sorry for the delay but some of the photos were actually spoken for and have now been uploaded to the Drivingline magazine website located HERE. So if you don’t see your car in this post, I either missed you or your car is posted up over there. Give it a gander as the photos were mostly shot in sequence and there are no doubles that are posted on both sites. Alright, I can’t take this anymore. I’m sweating my balls off just sitting here typing with two fans blowing directly into my fucking face. Haha, it is so bad. Today especially since it feels like its progressively getting hotter as the night goes on. I’m gonna go figure out how to drown myself in ice coffee or just hang out in the shower the entire night until my entire body prunes up and I look like Brad Pitt did in the beginning of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…

Thanks for looking and thanks to the Wekfest crew for having me. Enjoy the photos and make sure to check out the rest of it posted on Drivingline.com….



John Paul’s M&M Honda Hyper widebody aero kit, which also happens to be the first one stateside here in North America. The wheels are Nessen Forged custom built to his specs to fit the Hyper kit without needing any type of spacers….



MC Slick’s Civic coupe sporting a very colorful bay with an interesting custom header and hood-exit exhaust…


RE Amemiya FC3S demo car for sale via Japanese Classics LLC…



Faiz Rahman aka Fizzy’s 2JZ-GTE widebody IS300 on Volk Racing TE37SL…


Custom widebody BMW E46 M3 featuring custom-built Work Equip wheels…


Bagged Subaru WRX STI on red Enkei RS05RR wheels…


Track-spec Honda S2000 running a Voltex Racing front end from MP Built….


Mel’s bagged Mugen EK4 SiR on Mugen MF10L wheels. Normally you won’t see a set-up like this on air suspension but the roads are so incredibly shitty that you don’t want to ruin a rare Mugen kit like this so the best option is to be bagged…


BMW E92 M3 coupe on BBS wheels…


Scion FR-S utilizing a Aimgain front bumper sitting on Advan Racing TCIII wheels…


BMW E30 Cabriolet featuring a M50 engine swap at the Canibeat booth…


Canibeat-founder Dave Tormey’s AP2 S2000 looking good on staggered Regamaster EVO wheels and an Amuse front bumper….


This Civic coupe on Spoon SW388 wheels was completely gutted on the inside. To the point where even the rear deck had been removed before it was completely resprayed in a battleship gray-like tone….


Kyle Crawford’s EF9-styled Civic always looking good with the Chargespeed front lip and Almight Grey Regas…



K-swapped EM1 Civic SI coupe on Volk Racing CE28…


Beautifully executed AE86 Trueno on SSR Longchamp XR4….


I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of this Sil80 with the hood popped but I later saw that it had a Toyota 2JZ-GTE swap….


The Dapper crew always seems to bring out a pretty good selection of Euros. This VW Golf was one of the better examples planted to the showroom floor on BBS mesh…


Suzuka Blue AP1 S2000 on bronze Volk Racing TE37. Interesting use of the carbon vent originally meant for a Civic that has been integrated to the bumper….


Chris Panchoo’s Integra running a P1 Spec front splitter and lip…



RHD Integra with a nicely cleaned-up engine bay and a collection of Mugen components throughout…


Shyam Sookram’s Integra Type R with JDM ITR front end and a recently-added BackYard Special front bumper…



This custom Honda Odyssey from CVT Designs actually made the trek all the way from Texas to be a part of the Wekfest East event. Crazy…


Fly AutoMotion’s Honda S2000 with a Mooncraft-style top and Spoon rear diffuser…


Hyundai Genesis coupe running a rarely-seen Miura-designed Blood Type Racing widebody kit…



Laguna Seca Blue Civic hatchback with a heavy Spoon Sports-influence…


Extensive bodywork was performed on this Civic coupe from “Ratchet Works” to fit the aggressive 15-inch Work Meister S1 wheels…


Another gutted Civic coupe, this one on Kosei K1 wheels withblacked-out headlights…


Not sure if many of you guys will remember this car but this EF9 SiR was actually once a Cali-based build owned by my buddy Mauricio. He sold the Civic and the new owner had the whole car repainted. It looks as great as it ever did now, especially on the Barramundi Design Star Marlin wheels…



Always one of the best Honda/Acura builds in the building at these East Coast Wekfest events is this J’s Racing RHD-converted DC5 RSX. No part of this build was left untouched and it just screams quality throughout…



Re-emerging after a lengthy hiatus was this FD RX-7 from Team EMOTION…



The 2014 Wekfest East “Best of Show” winner, Will Wang, came out once again this year with a really strong showing. His del Sol is always at the top tier of builds for this event series and he continued to evolve his Honda with the addition of some new parts. Gone was the Mugen aero for 2015 and in its place was a JDM CR-X del Sol front bumper and color-matched First Molding front lip….



Dave Marino’s K-swapped Civic hatchback on bronze Mugen MF10 wheels…


Midori Green hatchback looking nice and simple on Volk Racing TE37….


Alex Witkin’s Subaru came out this year with a bit of a different look. He decided to rock some Volk TEs which matched the added side graphic on his doors. This is another top-tier build in the nation and Alex is a previous two-time “Best of Show” winner at Wekfest East…


This Ferio-inspired Civic sedan had a collection of rare Honda Access parts and the refinished Work RSZ-R wheels look great contrasting against the simple white exterior…



This turbocharged Civic coupe looked great on these aggressively-sized Enkei RPF1 wheels paired with meaty Toyo R888s….



DC5 RSX running a BackYard Special kit with INGS+1 rear flares and wide front fenders…



Everyday Struggle Customs turbocharged S2000 F20C rear-wheel drive Civic coupe with a full carbon fiber-overlayed engine bay…



Derek Covington’s purple custom widebody S2000 with an incredibly well-done engine bay featuring a twin-scroll turbo set-up…


Closing out the Wekfest East coverage finally with a shot of this Championship White Honda S2000 on custom gray Regamaster EVO wheels and a newer Super Taikyu Spoon Sports front bumper….

That’s a wrap. Hope everyone is staying cool during this hot-ass fucking month. Catch you guys soon with some more updates!!…


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  2. hey first time ever replying to you guys but iv been a fan for such a long time …. jus curious to know if you guys had any pics of the candy red ek coupe lurking in back of that baby blue m3 beamer … looks gorgeous … plz and thx if possible to just see

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