The Rywire ITR Build (2015 Reboot)…Part 2…

Just a quick update for you guys to look over for the weekend. I know the previous post was pretty lengthy with extensive video but I think moving forward, it’ll just be easier to squeeze in smaller updates like this to give you guys the most current updates with the build. It is now September which means that Ryan has about two months to wrap up the car in preparation for Year 7 as well as the SEMA 2015 event in Las Vegas. Today, I have included a short video with some words from Ryan in regards to what he has been up to since he last updated but the major news is that all the body pieces are essentially back in place now. The parts he ended up with are a little different than the rendering Jon Sibal came up with but as the car progresses, changes will be made here and there. It is great to see the aero pieces on the car now because it gives everyone a better idea of what the final product will look like. For me personally, I think I can finally envision what the car will look like once it is operational and on display at SEMA. This is huge because, as many of you know, it has been a long and winding road to get to this point. I honestly can say that a year ago, I never thought I would even be here typing this up because the project just seemed in limbo and I know Ryan was getting frustrated with the constant questions of whether or not the car would ever be completed. Some even thought the car was long gone but no, as you see now, it is getting to somewhat of a point of finality. In any case, we appreciate the support over the years and in the future. This build is going to be something special, I know it. It’ll make an impact on our community and its influence will be far-reaching. Enjoy…

Below are some updated photos of how the Integra currently sits…


As you can see here, the Golden Eagle custom intake manifold has been installed now and the intercooler piping has been mocked up. Also installed is the custom radiator that has been built to Ryan’s specifications using end tanks fabricated by ASC Speed Metal with a CSF core….


Here you get a more visual idea of what the car looks like in completed form. There will be some changes but for the most part this is what the front face of the Rywire Integra Type R will look like…


Willywerx customized the front Japanese ITR front bumper and paint-matched the carbon fiber Spoon Sports front lip. Under the Spoon lip is a Special Projects P1 Spec splitter. The sideskirts are aluminum P1 Spec pieces….


The fuel system with the XRP hoses fitted with the Adel Wiggins clamps….


The fittings have been bulkheaded and run into the sheet metal panel which exits through a hole under the trunk…


The piping that connects the center-fed throttle body has not been installed yet and won’t be used until it comes time to tinker with the drive-by-wire system…


A better look at the custom radiator and intercooler in front of it…


Ryan mentioned that he wanted to change the dump pipes and maybe even the turbo manifold eventually but there’s just no time leading up to the 2015 SEMA event…


Custom bent metal lines that run to the pressure transducers to monitor the turbo system…


Side-profile of the engine bay near completion…


XRP radiator hoses fitted to the custom radiator using signature purple Wiggins clamps…


Pressure transducers with Deutsch connectors mounted on the side of the Golden Eagle intake manifold…


As mentioned in the video, Ryan has opted to not use C02 cartridges to control the paddle-shift system and instead will use a 1/2 gallon tank mated to a air compressor…


Closer look at the customized ITR front bumper and the intercooler peeking through the opening…


Magical Racing side mirrors mounted to the car using custom-made end plates….


The Recaro seat finally mounted in the interior…


For the most part, this is what the interior will look like even after it is wired. Just a very minimalist-approach to an otherwise very high-tech interior…


That’s a wrap for now folks. Hope you guys enjoyed the update. There will be much more coming in the next few months leading up to SEMA so make sure to stay up to date!!


6 thoughts

  1. It’s a bit of a given that Ryan would be insanely busy with his company up until now, and that a personal project car wouldn’t be a priority. In a way, I don’t like that it seems he’s suddenly being rushed and parts of his vision may not make it in simply because of the deadline. This thing’s shaping up to be a real masterpiece with seemingly many of the top minds in the Honda community pitching in. At least it’s the best Honda (or even “import”) build that I’ve heard of anyway. I’m loving the attention to detail put into every little piece, but – and I hate to say this – there’s one thing irking me: how the backs of the front fenders meet up with the fronts of the doors! Maybe the photos were just taken at exactly the wrong angles to make it appear so, but the shut lines look ever so slightly uneven.

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