NO GOOD RACING 30th Anniversary Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

I didn’t forget about these photos, I swear. I’ve just been spending so much time editing the videos and stuff for the Vlog series that I just get excited about them and want to post them right away. Honestly, you guys already know how hectic this month has been for me so I’m trying to get as much content up as I can. During SEMA week, you probably won’t see immediate updates here on the site so the best way to do it now is to get as much up as possible so you guys can all catch up eventually. I still have more videos coming as well as some photos from FF Battle 7, and then followed by Wekfest Houston leading into my Year 7 event. There’s all kinds of stuff going on here too, especially with my event and SEMA coming up REAL quick. Today, enjoy the last concluding set of photos from the NO GOOD RACING 30th Anniversary event. These are just extra shots and weren’t shot in any particular order. Yasu just floated around the event and shot whatever he thought was cool. It just worked out that they came out great…

Thanks to Yasu Shimomukai for getting these photos to me. I wish I could have been there myself but I’ll have to wait until January to head back to Japan. Enjoy….



A couple shots of Joe from CAR MAKE ACROSS in action with his EF9 race car…



The ACROSS EF in the pits cooling down with the hood up. Such an awesome looking EF…


Great symmetry in this photo, not sure if it was intended by Yasu or not when he captured this shot but the cars are lined-up perfectly, haha…


SIXTYONE/Alied EK9 race car…


EG representing old school Kanjozoku car club TEMPLE RACING…







A bunch of awesome action shots of Taku Kusugami’s EK4 from Tactical Art on the track. Great to see this car out and about again…


This was perhaps the closest anyone will get to “Civic Heaven”, if that were a real thing…


Kazuki’s Spoon Sports-themed EK from NO GOOD RACING….


This EG6 from CRAFT-A was rocking a Rocket Dancer front lip….


Most definitely one of the cleanest Hondas that day to hit the Suzuka Twin circuit….


ACROSS EF8 CR-X wearing old school 5Zigen graphics….


EF9 Civic hatchback with an eye-catching yellow/blue livery executed in traditional Osaka style…


NO GOOD RACING Red Bull-themed EF as you’ve seen plenty of times here on The Chronicles….



One of the first EG Civics that we ran into when we first started documenting Kansai underground car culture…


MECHA-DOCK EF9 piloted by Kazu of NGR…








More great captures of the Red Bull EF9 in action at Suzuka Twin. Love the ones in particular with it side-by-side with the LIMITATION-R EG Civic…


Candy red EF9 Civic from NO GOOD RACING and Mizuho Ltd….





A glimpse under the hood of the MECHA-DOCK EF9…


Kazu from MECHA-DOCK hoping into the Formula 3 race car. Great symbolism with him throwing up the NO GOOD hand…


…and he’s off in the B-series powered race car…


Mizuho/NGR EG…


Must have been awesome to see this thing in action with the other Hondas that day…


NGR red “Shark” EG…


MECHA-DOCK EG from NO GOOD RACING. Believe it or not, this is actually Kazu’s daily commuter….


And a final parting shot of the Civics on the track with the Formula 3 car…

That’s a wrap on that. Thanks for looking everybody. Stay tuned for other updates forthcoming!…

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