The Chronicles Vlog #16 (Part 3): Everything FF Battle 7…Photos and Video…

Part 3 covers everything that we did at FF Battle 7 this year. Yuta Akaishi was busy pulling double-duty that day driving his own EG as well as the NEMOS-GARAGE K-supercharged EG. We also had other friends competing as well so you get the inside scoop on what happens at FF Battle. This is actually a public event but since it happens during the middle of the week, you don’t see very many spectators there or others there to strictly watch the racing. I was able to get some onboard footage too so you actually get to see the course layout as well as some video of Yuta driving the NEMOS-GARAGE Civic.

Below are some quick photos that I captured with the GoPro that day…


Amir Bentatou’s RSX representing Marvelous Tune was definitely one of the cleanest cars in attendance, just days out of the body shop with a very well thought out collection of C-West, J’s Racing and Ganador aero parts.


Andre Pham brought out his beautifully done J’s Racing themed S2000 for the Show Car Shootout which was taking place simultaneously with FF Battle. Boasting an output upwards of five hundred horsepower, this monster machine was as fast and loud as it looks. Despite this event being it’s first day on track it managed a solid fifth place.


Amir’s DC5 and Yuta’s “missle” EG in the garage, both had recorded their times before lunch and opted to sit out the rest of the day favoring the idea of driving home in once piece rather than attempting to squeeze out another few tenths of a second.


Steve Lam of RPM Auto Center was also out driving his K20 powered CRX on BMD wheels. Despite rubbing issues due to running an enormous 225/50/16 size tire, Steve managed a sixth place finish in FF Battle. During lunch, Super Street provided Yuta’s favorite American food (Costco pizza ) – which was quickly devoured by everybody in attendance.


Yuta’s EG was running 17×8 CE28s, as he had opted for the 205/45/17 size tires. Also pictured are Amir’s ninja slippers – and yes, he wore them on track.


Yuta’s helmet, the vinyl on the visor is actually not micro-perforated, the visor is simply flipped up when the helmet is in use.


Gold Advan RCIIs on the rear of Amir’s DC5 accentuate the lines and color of the car perfectly.


Steve, Yuta, and Amir in the paddock…


The Nemo’s Garage EG, which was featured in Super Street earlier this year had suffered a ruptured oil line the night before. Fortunately Angel, the owner of Nemo’s Garage and this EG was able to remedy this issue in the morning and arrived in the afternoon. This left Yuta with a little over an hour to acclimate himself to the car’s characteristics and record a lap time.


For a car consisting of two different pairs of wheels, in two separate colors and a two tone rear wing, the aesthetics of Amir’s DC5 manages to flow extremely well.


Amir’s own brand – Marvelous Tune


Scott Oshiro of Koyo Radiators came out to support Yuta and Amir, as both of their cars are running Koyo Radiators – although neither had any cooling issues. It’s great to see such involvement by large, established companies despite the event being on a fairly grassroots level.


Another shot of Amir’s DC5, I really hope that large door sticker had no adverse effects on the fresh paint.


Bronze 18×10.5 TE37s, one of the best sizing and color combinations of the legendary wheel.


Yuta’s missile again, featuring a livery designed by Steven Nakamura of 5586 – despite catering to the AE86 Corolla fanbase, Steve was kind enough to channel his talents into the exterior of this Honda.


Angel of Nemos Garage, James from Ghostwerks and YUta discussing transmissions.




As a precaution, the Nemos Garage EG ran without a front bumper that day. Compromising the aerodynamics in favor of maximum cooling efficiency ny the radiator and intercooler.


Steve Lam’s CRX loaded and ready to go home.



Andre’s S2000 refueling on the way back to HQ.

*I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see.

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Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
Kristian Wong (@studytuned)
Brandon Merlot (@bmerlots)
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