Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos From Jonathan Wong’s Super Street Feature…

This was a bit of an impromptu shoot. I had received in email a couple days prior from Sam Du of Super Street magazine asking if I could shoot a car. When I found out it was for Jonathan Wong’s Super Street feature, I was all for it. There wasn’t much time to set anything up but since it was Jonathan, I knew we could make it work. This was going to be a unique story that Du would write about Jonathan because Wong was the Editor-in-Chief prior to Du taking over the reigns of the magazine. Sam would write about their time there together at Super Street and how much of an influence Jonathan was in their time together there. They have remained great friends over the years even after the great transition and Jonathan actually now still freelances for the book every now and then. If you guys haven’t already seen it, make sure to head over to my latest project, The Epilogues, to read more about Jonathan Wong…

Anyways, back to the shoot. As mentioned, we didn’t have much time before everything had to go to print so we decided to meet up in downtown Los Angeles to see if we could get some shots. It was during the middle of the week so there were cars everywhere, but we were able to find a nice little spot that provided a nice bright contrast to the blue of Wong’s EF. His EF Civic is special to him because it not only is his only current long-term project car, but it also happens to have an incredibly unique, one-off Rocket Bunny front bumper and sideskirts. They are so rare that only one set exists and the kit that currently sits on Wong’s EF is the only one ever made. It literally came off of Kei Miura from Rocket Bunny’s own personal EF9 Civic. Jonathan had always wanted the kit and bugged Miura to make more so he could have one. Little did he know or expect that Miura would just one-day decided to take his own kit off and ship it over to the U.S. for Wong. That in itself is a great story but even better is hearing Wong’s own words about his time at SS. You can read the Super Street feature HERE….

Today, I’m going to unload the photos that I captured that evening in DTLA. Some were published, some weren’t. I like to do this from time to time because the unpublished shots would be wasted otherwise and I know some of you guys enjoy seeing some of the exclusive shots that no one else gets to see. Enjoy…

Oh yeah, don’t mind the banner in the photos with the red wall, originally I had to get this photos out to Super Street ASAP for publishing so I left it up to their art director to remove it. I don’t know if that ever happened in the published versions but they are still very apparent in my shots…


















Thanks for looking…

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