The Record-Breakers of Tsukuba Circuit – CHRNCLS Vlog 2019 #10 (Part 3)


With us getting more familiar with Tsukuba Circuit after walking around and studying some of the other race cars who were participating at Attack Tsukuba, it was time to get down to the nitty gritty; racing. More importantly, the Tsukuba FWD record, held by famed driver Nobuteru Taniguchi and HKS. As the day progressed, both JDMYARD and the PZTuning/Vibrant Performance team were getting better and better, with times improving virtually every super lap. We continue with our unprecedented look at the Attack event from THREE unique perspectives; Adam Casmiri/JDMYARD K-Turbo Civic, multiple-time WTAC Open Class Champion, William Au-Yeung/PZTuning/Vibrant Performance K-Turbo Civic Coupe, a multi-time champion in his own right with wins all over, including some FWD records in North America, and your’s truly. Watch as they continue to reset the record, experience the ups and downs of time attack, and hear some interesting insight from Au-Yeung himself…

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_jp)
Yonas Liu (@jdmyard_yonas)
Adam Casmiri (@adamcasmiri)
Masa Chiba (@masachiba)
Sean Lucas (@naritadogfight)
William Au-Yeung (@pztuningwill)
Vibrant Performance (@vibrant_performance)

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