The Attack on TC2000 – CHRNCLS Vlog 2019 #10 (Part 4)


Competition day is here! We arrived during the early morning hours to find that over 100 more cars had appeared to compete at Attack Tsukuba. There was so much to take in and so many great cars to check out that I sparred no time in covering as much as I possibly could. The JDMYARD/Hard Race Civic had a fresh head gasket installed so we were anxious to see how it would do on the day of competition, especially with Will Au-Yeung and the PZTuning/Vibrant Performance Civic getting faster and faster. Will was getting very well acquainted with the track now and it seemed like nothing could slow him down. While they were busy battling it out, I walked the entire paddock area and you won’t believe some of the cars I encountered just casually walking around. It all felt like a dream. ASM, Orange Ball, Aslan, Garage Work, Yellow Factory, and so much more. If you’re into Japanese car culture and their time attack vehicles in particular, this is the perfect series for you. Sit back and enjoy!!…

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_jp)
Yonas Liu (@jdmyard_yonas)
Adam Casmiri (@adamcasmiri)
Masa Chiba (@masachiba)
Sean Lucas (@naritadogfight)
William Au-Yeung (@pztuningwill)
Vibrant Performance (@vibrant_performance)

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