The Civic Interior Is Finally Complete & Ly Stops By In His Integra!! CHRNCLS Vlog 2021 #9…

If you’ve been waiting for updates on Ryan Der’s Civic build, this episode is perfect for you! He’s been putting in a lot of work on the car lately while paying particular attention to finally finishing up the interior. He’s got all kinds of cool little details in the interior as he’s been collecting parts over the past few months. It’s crazy to see the interior all wrapped-up because all we’ve been doing since he got the car is talk about all he has planned for it. While all that was going on, our friend Ly came by with some friends to hang out for the day so that I could shoot some photos of the brand new Exceed by Mode Parfume front lip on his Integra. The 94-97 Integra front lip is brand new and barely arrived in the U.S. recently so we wanted to get some good photos of it and Ly’s car seemed like the perfect choice!!

(Chronicles Vlog 2021 Episode 9)

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)

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