Massive Kyusha Gathering In Japan!!…

While I’m in Japan, I’m always looking for new stuff to see and experience when it comes to car culture. I know I’ve become known as more of a curator for Honda content over the years but my interests actually extend far past just Hondas and Acuras. I’m just exposed more to it than most and have built a strong following within that subculture. When my friend JC Pepino from Work Wheels informed me of a big Kyusha meet happening in Hyogo, I instantly knew that it was going to be a positive experience. I’ve never been to an old school Japanese classic car gathering before so I wasn’t going to miss this one. It just so happened that this meet was happening on Awaji Island where Sara wanted to go anyway so it all kind of worked out. I got to see some car stuff and she got to do her thing at Naruto land. What’s Kyusha and what is Naruto? Well, I attempt to explain at least one of those things in this episode…

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