DORIDORE Might Be One Of The Coolest Events Ever!!…

I actually found out about this event last year when I was in Japan during Golden Week for Wekfest. I just couldn’t go. “Doridore” is one of those events dedicated to “Shakotandori” vehicles that just sounds fun to be at. It’s drifting but not so much a competition fueled by profit. The event is based more on style where enthusiasts drive the shit out of slammed cars that just look good and aren’t necessarily created to be competitive drift cars. Like, take the strict rule sets out of professional drifting and replace it with super slammed show cars that don’t care about winning. It’s a real visual spectacle. Winning is looking good while driving or parked. Style is everything. Sounds rad right? After hearing about it and seeing some photos from past events, it seemed super fun. I just didn’t have enough time to go so I had to miss it last year. When I heard it was happening again and the event itself was going to be bigger than ever, we decided to wake-up early to check it out. Boy did it not disappoint. I might have to make this a regular event to attend annually.

I could have stayed all day to be honest, but I had to take off a bit earlier so that we could make it down to Mie for the annual S2000 gathering. So much diversity all in one day, what more could I ask for?…

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