Wekfest Los Angeles 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

Got a lot going on over here at the office with a Vegas trip to come at the end of the week so I better get some more coverage out for you guys. Again, sorry for not getting as much content as I could but I was just out of it that day. I promise that Wekfest San Jose will be much more in-depth, I swear. For now, enjoy the second set of photos that I was able to capture from the WFLA event. This is the second of three parts total so make sure to come back tomorrow to see the rest of the pics. I got some more thoughts I’d like to pass along from that day but I’ll save it for tomorrow since I gotta get out of here and help Brandon from BOWLS LA out with some filming. Enjoy and thanks for the support….

If you missed Part 1, which includes a brief summary of Mikey’s Integra rebuild, make sure to check it out in the link below…

Wekfest Los Angeles 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

And here we go with some more coverage….


Amir’s circuit-spec Porsche 964 911 at the Nitradyne booth…



Erik Mercado’s K-swapped and turbocharged EJ1 Civic coupe which once belonged to Derek from the now defunct All-In Fabrication. Good to see Erik continue to add to this car and put forth more of an effort to make it a better looking car to match all the work in the engine bay…


Luigi Arroyo’s J’s Racing GT widebody S2000. Not too long after WFLA, Luigi ran into some unfortunate events on the 57 freeway and now the car is back once again at the body shop for its third major makeover….


Dan Pham’s ASM-themed AP1 S2000 on black Volk Racing CE28….



Jorge Sandoval’s K20 hatchback from Insidious Industries, which was also a vendor at Wekfest LA…



Kraftwerks supercharged NA MX-5 Miata on SSR MKII. Love the custom rag top from Project-G….



Hard-topped MX-5 Miata also running a Kraftswerks blower. Wheels are CCW D11L….



This Miata has a matching rag top like the black MX-5 above but runs the same Mazda BP motor with a Kraftwerks blower. The owner switched it up a bit by using a Ford valve cover, which probably tripped some people out but it is actually the same motor. They used this engine in both the Mazdas and Fords of that era so the valve covers were interchangeable….



SSR EX-C Fins on this Miata which shared similar styling cues as the other three you previously saw…


Kouki S14 240SX from GROUNDED crew on gold AG wheels…


Junction Produce UCF30 LS430 on gold-face SSR Vienna dish…


Michael Johnson’s custom VIP-styled Acura TL from Team Praxis….


Jay Borcena’s BMW E21 BMW coupe on BBS RS wheels…



Frank from Downstar Inc.’s K20 RHD EG6 Civic SiR….


Kyoei USA’s Lexus LS430 equipped with an entire catalog of products from Aimgain International…


Kyoei USA also owns this Aimgain Prius that I had the pleasure of shooting last year during the 2013 SEMA show…


Phaze2 Mizzark’s BMW M5 on Airrex suspension and 19-inch Leon Hardiritt Ordens….


I wonder how people feel about seeing an R35 GTR on air suspension….


L28 HKS turbocharged S30Z flared on Work Equip 03s…


Rocket Bunny/Sarto widebody E36 M3 coupe bagged on Airrex suspension….


BMW 335i sedan rocking a nice red on bronze colorway…


UCF20 LS400 planted on 18-inch Work VS-KF wheels. Interesting to see 18s on a big body LS….


CTR-styled EP3 Civic hatchback on concave-faced Volk TE37SL….


These J’s Racing GT widebody kits are starting to get pretty popular. It seems like every show there seems to be a new S2000 build with this kit popping up all over the nation. This one from Project Zero is looking pretty good in this tealish hue on bronze Volk TE37s….


G35 sedan running Work VS-XX wheels from RareJDM….



Marcus Cooke’s multiple-award winning G35 sedan build that you’ve seen numerous times prior on this site….



Right along side Marcus as always is Chris Ortez’s 6-speed G35 sedan, which is also a multiple award-winner. It’s cool to see these two always parked together even though they are pretty much competing with one another at every event…


James from Floss Design’s 997.2 GT3 Porsche on BBS Cup wheels. He parked specifically on his own towards to back of the show so you could capture that Long Beach skyline in the distance in every photo…


Love the custom rear fender work on this UCF30 from Royal Flush…


Courtney Michelle Wingfield’s BMW F30 328i on Black Edition Volk Racing TE37SL and a Varis rear spoiler…


Street Faction’s static Scion FR-S hammered on WED’s Kranze LXZ….



K-swapped Civic from Novak Raciing utilizing a set of TODA Racing individual throttle bodies…


FA5 Civic SI with FD2 headlights, fenders, Mugen RR-replica front bumper, rear trunk conversion, and FEEL’s overfenders. Under the hood (or lack thereof) is a CT Engineering supercharger…



Jonathan Monteith’s Civic with a beefy front end using Chargespeed wide fenders and a J’s Racing front lip. There’s so much aero in the front now and it looks so aggressive that I wish there was some aero in the rear to match. Maybe it is in the works already…

That’ll conclude part 2 of our coverage. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 3 of 3! Thanks for looking!!…

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