Wekfest Los Angeles 2014 Coverage…Part 3 of 3…

Welcome back now to the finale of The Chronicles’ Wekfest LA coverage. Today we’re going to take a look at the rest of the photos that I shot that day as well as some extra shots that I captured with my Fuji Instax Mini. Before we begin however, I would like to address something that was mentioned shortly after the show ended that I feel is an important topic to bring up…

As many of you know, I am an official Wekfest Tour judge, meaning that I travel with the Wekfest staff and am one of the head judges. It is a gig that I like doing because I thoroughly enjoy being on the tour and seeing what the rest of the country has to offer. I addressed this on Instagram already not too long ago, but I DID NOT JUDGE ANY OF THE VEHICLES at Wekfest LA 2014. Junior announced that I would be judging that morning but I had decided weeks before that I did not want to be judging that day. Why? Well, to put it simply, I just don’t feel comfortable judging the Honda/Acura Class when I have close friends that are competing in the show. Not only that, I also helped work on one of the cars too so I wanted the judging to be completely unbiased. I removed myself from the judging panel, and told them that they could consult with me if they needed to, but I preferred that I not be involved in any capacity when it came to judging the show. Because of the early morning announcement saying that I would be judging, some blame was passed along my way by some showgoers, as well as some uninformed people who didn’t even go to Wekfest, because they didn’t win and felt that they should have….

The fact that you demand justice because you think you deserved to win already shows the type of person you are. Unfortunately, you need to point the finger at someone else (possibly yourself), because I had nothing to do with the judging that day. The people that judged were very capable people with knowledge and experience in the industry. They know what they are doing and know what they are looking at so maybe you just didn’t win because someone else deserved it more than you. I know it may be hard to believe, but plenty of people pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their cars. Just because you didn’t see their struggle, it doesn’t mean that they are any less deserving. As the old adage goes, “if you’re building your car just to win awards, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons”. Why not just build your car and enjoy it with your fellow enthusiasts? If you win something then that should just be a bonus. You shouldn’t go into it expecting to take something home every time because you spoil the experience for yourself when you are disappointed. At the end of the day, it is just a piece of plastic anyway. It’s fleeting. The experiences that you build just by being around people with like-minded interests should be an award in itself…

Anyways, WFLA was a blast. I wish I wasn’t so worn out that day but I’m happy to see the continued growth of WFLA. The LA event will never be as big as the San Jose show but it was never designed to be. The environment, the locale, everything is set up for WFLA to be the more relaxing event of the tour. Foot traffic seems to increase every year as does the car quality. The next stop is San Jose and then New Jersey the week following. It’s going to be an interesting one so stay tuned and I’ll catch you guys on the next leg of the Wekfest tour. So far, I’ve hit Japan and Los Angeles and I can’t wait to see all the new builds in Jersey, Texas, and Miami….

If you missed Parts 1 and 2, click the links below to look at the rest of the many great builds at Wekfest LA. I apologize if I missed your car that day, I tried my best to walk the show but I’m not gonna lie, there were sections that I completely missed because I was either distracted or someone approached me and I got lost in conversation….

Wekfest Los Angeles 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

Wekfest Los Angeles 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

And here are the best of the rest…or rest of the best, or I don’t know, whatever, enjoy….



Jose Jaimes’s Hypnotic Teal Mica CR-X that is currently in the 2014 Super Street Honda Issue. Not much has changed since the feature came out but I do know that he has a new Rywire tucked radiator that he has yet to install. These guys always got something new up their sleeves so don’t be surprised if you see some more subtle changes here and there…



K-swapped EF Civic hatchback on Mugen NR10 wheels. The exterior features some JDM EF9 SiR components to resemble its Japanese counterpart…..



Rob Perez’s Spoon-themed Civic build that seemingly came out of nowhere a year ago and started consistently winning awards at the biggest car show series in the country. Great job on this car as always. Nothing especially crazy about it, just true, timeless appeal using traditional Japanese tuning products executed in fine fashion….



Also featured in this month’s Super Street Honda Issue is Jose’s brother, Luis Jaimes. Recently, Luis stalled a Top Fuel Power Chamber intake onto his K20-swap. I got a ton of photos of their cars that weren’t published that I can’t wait to release next month…


Alex Alfaro’s Mugen-equipped Integra Type R with J-spec ITR front end conversion. The custom brushed Mugen MF10 wheels are a very unique touch…


Right-hand drive, Spoon Sports-themed Honda S2000 on Enkei RPF1 wheels…


The engine bay of the AP1 is shaved and tucked with only the motor and factory airbox retained. The top half of the air box has been removed to showcase the Spoon Sports air intake filter. Note the engine torque damper mounted to the driver’s side shock tower and the custom brake lines coming off the brake master cylinder. Really nice build. The UKDM headlights, headlight washers and Euro front plate leave me to wonder if it is an S2000 that has been converted to RHD with a UKDM front clip, or if it is an actual S2000 imported from the UK, which is unlikely. With all the custom body work in the bay, I’d venture to say it was a conversion with a UK front clip…


Wekfest LA marked the first time I ever encountered a JOB DESIGN aero kit for an E92 BMW. With all this Liberty Walk stuff floating around everywhere lately, it’s nice to see another Japanese aero kit over here in the states on a BMW. It doesn’t look bad either, considering how crazy their kits look on Lexus LS and GS….


Brian Camacho’s “Sundrop V2” Civic build. He actually got into a pretty bad wreck in this car with the entire front end being crashed but he took the time to not only rebuild the car, but also swap in a K-series engine, which replaces his old H2B set-up….


Boosted Voltex Street S2000 from R-Rydes on Advan RS wheels…


Austin’s wild Infiniti Q45 build with rare Ogulaction front bumper, slammed on coilovers, and custom old school 3-spoke Work Equip wheels…


Always a pleasure to see this custom VIP-styled Acura CL coupe…


Never seen a CL7/9 TSX in a bright orange like this before….


Another shot of the 335i BMW that I posted yesterday. Love the meaty tire fitment on the bronze BBS LM wheels…


Autofashion’s newest LS430 project on WED’S Kranze LXZ wheels and a complete Mode Parfume Phantom Gamu-Regalia aero kit….


Squad One’s always amazing Lexus LS430 build from Las Vegas. This is a guaranteed show-winner at practically every event due to its lengthy amount of customization from the one-off aero kit, to the interior, and the newly redone audio set-up in the trunk…


Kyle Buss’ Acura TSX with Spoon Sports front bumper and Work Emotion CR wheels….


One of my favorite personal shots of the day was this one featuring the LTMW Rocket Bunny Version 2 Subaru BR-Z….


Evasive Motorsports’ Voltex S2000 (Red Version) on bronze Volk Racing ZE40s…


ZF1 CR-Z from Spoon Sports Japan which currently resides in the U.S. courtesy of Go-Tuning Unlimited….



Chivas Sotelo’s turbocharged EM1 Civic Si coupe from Royal Origin on silver Dunlop Formula Hart CP-Rs….


8th gen. FG Civic coupe sitting aggressively on Work Equip wheels….


Nissan 350Z from Royal Origin running a Nismo front bumper and custom step-lipped Work VS-KF wheels….


Really dig this long wheelbase BMW 740il slammed on Work Brombacher wheels…


Keith Cheng aka Keychain’s nicely executed Lexus IS300 on concave-faced 5Zigen FN01R wheels…


Kevin Huynh’s UCF20 LS400 reppin’ Royal Origin and Boss Company….


Loved this Wald Black Bison Mercedes R-Class build. Always wanted one of these, and by “always”, I mean since WFLA when I saw this one, haha….


Ojay Bayang’s Avanzare Toyota Previa….


Random shot of Jenn Q….


You’d be hard-pressed to go to a car show these days in Cali without running into at least one RWB Porsche. This 993 911 is the latest U.S. creation by Nakai…


Evasive Motorsport-prepped Nissan R35 GTR on Rays Engineering’s newest Volk TE37 Ultra wheel…


A couple of extra shots of Noel’s Varis Arising FR-S and Mikey’s turbo Integra…


Really happy with how Noel’s FR-S came out. Can’t wait to see it on its next set of wheels which should be happening (fingers crossed) pretty soon…


I gotta say, there was a sense of pride and satisfaction seeing Mikey’s Integra on display once again in its best form yet. The car was very well-received and I think it surprised a lot of people because no one expected to ever see it again, let alone redone with a color-matched engine bay…




Here are some better shots of Mikey’s engine bay which we will be working to get running very soon. Just waiting on a couple more pieces. Oh and if you see these photos on that piece of shit “Honda Bays” page on Facebook with my watermarks cropped out, make sure to talk shit to that “SI Rico” guy because all he does is fucking steal my photos all the time and post him on his stupid ass page. In fact, do me a favor and just report the page repeatedly and troll the shit out of him. He’s one of the main reasons why you guys who like to save photos can’t save the higher-res images anymore….


For our efforts, Mikey even took home the “Best Integra” award at Wekfest LA. He was so burnt out from putting the car together that he was actually asleep when they announced his award. I ended up grabbing the award for him and I don’t even think he realized that he won until much later, haha….


All in all, the sleepless nights leading up to WFLA were all worth it. This car was put together in a matter of 10 days with a group of individuals who came together as a family and did whatever was necessary to get this car to Wekfest. I think Mikey is thinking about sending the car over to Osaka towards the end of the year but we gotta figure out all the logistics. It would be really cool to have this car in Japan on display at the next major event with the help of our friends from Tactical Art. I guess we will see what happens. Don’t be surprised if you see this thing floating around in Japan though, haha…

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve started to shoot with my Fuji Instax Mini camera more and more lately. I like to bring it to events just to capture the people because I feel like a “Polaroid” style photo just means much more since it is something physical that you can hold in your hand. If you guys care, I’ve posted the photos from that day below. It’s not a whole lot but I think it gives off a much more personal vibe than regular photos on my dSLR…


The homies Ryan Der, Dougie, Murdok, and Hiro from Osaka, Japan….


Wekfest official spokesmodel Elissa Alva, taken during the awards ceremony at WFLA….


Dougie and Jenn Q chillin’ during the awards ceremony….

IMG_0003 (2)

Constance Nunes, official spokesmodel for Its JDM Yo/Prestige Marketing….

IMG_0001 (2)

Sam Ip, who not only put together an amazing Wekfest LA video, but also took home a giant trophy for First Place in the Acura Class….

IMG_0002 (2)

Phaze2 Mizzark with Constance Nunes after picking up his award in the BMW class…


Triple Threat. Ryan Der, DPK David, and I…


One of my favorite photos of the day was of my buddy Steph, who is a regular staffer on the Wekfest Tour. This was at the end of the day when she finally had a chance to sit down and relax….

Before I go, please make sure to check out the epic WFLA video put together by my good friend Sam Ip. His videos get better and better every event and this one is his latest and greatest creation yet. Check it out!! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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