Offset Kings Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

Seems like we’re on a pretty good roll lately with all this great content from Japan, so why not jump right back into the mix with some more photos from the Offset Kings Japan event? The best feature about this event is the sheer amount of variety in cars that it brings out. Yes, it is a more “stance” themed event but a lot of the cars have so much more to offer than just aggressive wheel fitment. Even the diversity is styles alone is worth a look. If you enjoy Japanese car culture and all that comes with it, you’ll surely enjoy the photos below. There’s one more set after this and then we’ll head straight into the 2014 Spocom Anaheim coverage…

OFFSET KINGS JAPAN from Fuji Speedway

PHOTOS by Koji Karimata aka “KaRy”


If you missed Part 1 from last weekend, make sure to go check that out. There’s some really cool builds in there as well…

Offset Kings Japan 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

…and here is some more cool shit from Japan…


Nothing else like a “rising sun” themed hood, a ton of custom fabrication under the hood, and purple Crocs….


Love the rear blister fenders, front fenders, and rear wing on this S15 Silvia. Not 100% sure about what aero company this kit is from but judging by the S13 below with a similar kit, it looks like it might be from “Works 9”, if that makes sense…



Awesome Itasha-themed S13 180SX. As stated, similar aero kit to the S15 above but this one has more custom fender work where the wheel wells have been radiused for better ride overall ride height and wheel clearance. This is the type of graphical livery that would probably only work in Japan. I don’t recommend you driving around town here in the U.S. with a school girl on the side of your car with the words “SCHOOL IDOL PROJECT” plastered on it….



Bad ass Toyota AE86 Corolla Levin GTV on gray Work Meister S1 wheels. Such a good looking car, especially with the Recaro Tomcat seats….


Take a closer look at this photo and you’ll realize that this is actually an S14.3, which is a S14 Silvia with a 180SX front….


Nice bronze tone on this Toyota Soarer on white Work Emotion XD9s….


This Toyota JZX100 Chaser isn’t too shabby either, slammed on gold-faced BBS LM. Nice to see a Chaser without aero sometimes because it is easily forgotten that these are still great looking cars without all the wild aero…


Lexus GS430 with a full Black Pearl Complete Jewelry Line Diamond Series aero kit….


Love SSR Type-C wheels in this sizing. The slightly concave-face reminds me a lot of one of my other favorite wheels, the original Advan RG….


Crazy to see aggressively-fitted, “stanced” (I fucking hate that word), Mitsubishi EVOs everywhere now. I understand this style on certain cars but I don’t know how I feel about it on EVOs and Subaru STIs….


Custom flared 180SX that is still in the midst of being completed. Check out all the work in the engine bay and how the wheel wells have been cut-out completely. Only the shock towers remain and tubes have been added to reinforce the chassis….


S15 Silvia Spec-R with rear blister fenders and front wide fenders…


What I also enjoy about many of these builds is that they actually make the effort to add flares or aftermarket fenders/quarters to fit their wheels instead of simply adding camber to cram them into the stock body. This Toyota Mark II for example, has a beefy custom rear flare molded in as well as vented front wide fenders….


Rocket Bunny S13 180SX on Work Meister M1 wheels. Almost feels weird to see an T.R.A. Kyoto-kitted S13 without graphics and nice paint…


I think this might be a Mazda MPV with OEM optional aero and Work Emotion CR wheels…


Kouki S14 Silvia outfitted in full BN Sports aero….



Under the custom radiused front fenders of this Lexus IS are newly re-released SSR Formula Mesh wheels. The green lugs are 326Power pieces which are seemingly getting more popular everyday…


UCF20 Celsior on WED’s Kranze wheels. Love the color on this….



Circuit EG6 Civic on 15-inch AME Tracers rocking a custom side-exit exhaust…


All kinds of random craziness going on with this Toyota Cresta…


Well, at least you can say you’ve seen a Toyota Mark II with an Audi front end conversion now….




Another favorite of mine from the Offset Kings Japan event was this rotted KE71 Corolla wagon featuring a individually-throttled BEAMS 3S-GE engine swap. Love how the body is rotted-out but the engine bay is fully-customized and recoated in white…




This Corolla wagon, also from Motorfix Japan, features a more conventional 4A-GE swap that’s been turbocharged…


I can’t remember the last time I saw a full VeilSide kit, especially on a Toyota Celica with Lambo-style doors. It definitely isn’t something that is remotely in-styled these days here in the U.S. but there are still a few guys over there that enjoy this look. Love the Ganador Super Mirrors on it….


I pretty much just posted this photo because I really like how the Recaro seats look in this Mini…


AP2 S2000 with custom fender work to fit the SSR Professor SP1 wheels…


EVO from T’Z Style Racing running full INGS+1 aero. I like how they matched the side mirrors to the Volk Racing TE37SL…


BNR32 Skyline GT-R also seated on Volk TE37SL…



A duo of black Lexus LS, the top is an early-model and the bottom is a late model. Not sure what lip kits they have on them…


Junya Nakata’s R34 Skyline GTR on Advan GT wheels. This car really needs no introduction as you’ve seen it a number of times here on the site. It features Millenium Jade paint from a V-Spec Nur II GTR and the body has been reshaped to resemble a BNR34 coupe with front end and all…


180SX Type-X re-imagined in bright green with Origin front fenders and rear blister quarters….


Mitsuru Haraguchi’s S15 Silvia from 326Power, featuring their complete aero kit, hood, and fenders….


Gold-faced Work Meister M1R with green 326Power closed-end lug nuts….


326Power V35 Skyline GT sedan on bronze Work Emotion CR wheels….


T.R.A. Kyoto 6666 Customs R34 Skyline sedan on BBS LM. Feels kinda weird to see a Rocket Bunny kit on a R34…the curvature of the kit makes the Skyline look a bit smaller….


Corolla Rumion looking pretty good slammed on SSR Professor SP3…


R34 GT-S sedan, also on BBS wheels….


Sport-VIP themed Toyota Aristo flossing my favorite side mirrors from Ganador….


Nice to see Work Meister CR-01 wheels on something other than EF Civic hatchbacks. This is a C35 Nissan Laurel with what looks to be a full Final Konnexion kit….


Z33 Fairlady Z with one of my other favorite sets of wheels, Advan Racing TCIII….


Toyota Mark X Vertiga on traditional Work Equip wheels….


Really like this FC3S RX-7 Savanna on 15-inch Work Meister wheels. Looks exactly like something you’d see blasting through the Wangan in the early 90s….


Itasha-styled Subaru BRZ on Enkei RS05RR wheels and a Rocket Bunny aero kit sans rear spoiler….


Slammed C35 Laurel…



Now this is a truly rare sight in Japan…This BB6 Prelude on Work Seeker wheels is very clean on the outside but under the hood is a nicely executed engine bay featuring an H22A with individual throttle bodies and a super rare WELD Technique Factory valve cover. I don’t know if they ever produced this valve covers or if this is the same WELD cover from the original Prelude demo car that they had back in the day. Pretty awesome to see a Prelude with this much attention paid to it, especially in Japan at an event where you wouldn’t expect to see a BB6….



Closing out the day with a couple shots of the Ultimate Garage Luvs JZS161 Aristo. This is the same widebody Aristo that you probably last saw at Tokyo Auto Salon 2014….

That’s all for today. One more part coming tomorrow as we wrap things up at Offset Kings Japan and move on to Spocom Anaheim 2014 coverage… Thanks for looking.

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