Eibach Honda Meet 2015 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

What’s up folks. I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time out to read the previous post about the Hope Night Meeting in Japan. Everyone over there is really overwhelmed by the response and all the positive messages sent their way in regards to the boy Yuki and his health. Even the guys at Super Street magazine got together and put a care package together for him. As mentioned, his time is short but hopefully he sticks around as long as he can because a lot of people out there care about him and his well being. If there is any news I’ll be sure to let everyone know. Thank you all again for caring and reading through the piece…

Today, we’re going to get back on schedule with the second half of the Eibach Honda Meet photos. Unlike year’s past, I really condensed my coverage this year and really captured what I wanted to post up on the site. In the past I think I’ve gotten a little crazy and just tried to capture as much as possible and the posts just became way too long. I walked the lot a couple of times to make sure I gave everyone an equal opportunity for me to see their cars but honestly, it is just very difficult to be able to see everything while managing a booth and stopping to chat with people. What you see is what I got and are also the cars that caught my eye. I’m happy to see there there were some new cars out and about that day because we have so many events out here that you just end up seeing the same cars all the time. I think that is what makes the Eibach Honda Meet special. Some guys save their builds specifically to showcase at this event and you get to see some stuff that you won’t see anywhere else. With that said, enjoy the photos below… Wekfest Los Angeles stuff comes next….


The engine bay of Johnnyfame’s Civic hatchback that you also saw above in the featured image. There’s a lot going on with this car but it seems to have a very track-oriented feel to it with a host of good parts…


Chargespeed wide fenders up front, flares in the rear, cut rear bumper with a custom metal diffuser and a Osaka JDM Devil Wing for that bit of style. Overall a really cool build that I’d never had a chance to see before. Nice job…



Always been a fan of Sintype’s coupe and how it never seems to change. Engine bay is nice and clean and I love the subtle touches like the SiR bumpers and the silver Desmond EVO wheels. There’s a consistent theme throughout the car and it is just timeless. He even has the OG Chronicles decal on the windshield before I slightly altered the design…


I really enjoy seeing cars that make you remember a specific time period when you look at it. To me, that is what makes a really good build; when you can remember the time period and how you felt about the cars when you saw them. This hatchback that you see above is a Honda build straight out of the early-to-mid 2000s. To me, that was the West Coast Honda community in its prime and simple builds like this dominated the scene. There’s nothing crazy about it, no shaved bay or crazy boost set-up. Just a simple build with parts that made Japanese-style tuning popular here in the States. Just spectacular and a round of applause for this. Seeing this build makes me miss the days of old…


This purple hatch featured an Air Walker front bumper, Hart CP-R wheels, and a billet machined valve cover from Locash Racing…


This is a set-up that will never get old; Midori Green hatch with EK4 SiR bumpers and black Spoon SW388s…


Pepper White EK that you’ve seen plenty of times here on The Chronicles. Yet another nice build that I always try to capture whenever I see it. For this year’s Eibach Honda Meet, he came out on a set of white Advan RG wheels. Not sure if the two whites work together but I do love RGs…



Jackson Racing supercharged DC5 RSX on bronze Volk Racing TE37….



EJ1 coupe featuring a Kraftwerks Rotrex supercharger and a nicely-done engine bay….



K-swapped Midori Green Civic with Japanese Domani front-end conversion…


FA5 Civic sedan with FD2 front and rear end conversion and Advan 3-spoke wheels…


Clean RHD EG6 Civic on period-correct SSR Dori Dori…



H22A-swapped RHD CB Accord coupe with a shaved bay, Xenon urethane front lip, Work VS-XX wheels, and retrofitted JDM headlights w/projectors….


Werdwerx CB Accord coupe also H-swapped with a custom-fitted CD Greddy front lip, Mugen-style sides, and rear add-on lip…



Dustin McQueary’s DA Integra looking great as usual…


Red Civic hatchback running a BackYard Special front bumper, front splitter, and Advan Racing RG wheels along with Spoon Sports front brakes…


Andre Pham’s J’s Racing GT widebody turbocharged S2000….


J’s Racing AP1 S2000 featuring their front bumper, canards, front fenders, rear over fenders, and carbon rear GT wing….


Period-correct styling on this DA Integra on SSR EX-C Neo…


Civic Wagon on some rare SSR Takechi Project Racing Hart Spinner Spoke wheels…



This red EF Civic with EF9 front end featured some old school Speed Star Racing wheels with plastic aero covers….


Southsiiiiide Auto Customs Civic Wagon on BBS mesh…



K-swapped Civic running TWM individual throttle bodies…


The Weekend Playerz car club from Northern California came out to Eibach deep with a huge line-up of Civic Wagons/Shuttles/Beagles….


This Beagle-inspired Wagon sat on some really rare SSR Hiro V1R wheels….


JDM Beagle from Weekend Playerz with front grill add-on and Volk Racing Artisan Fin wheels w/Aero Covers….


This Beagle featured a B16 swap and old Work mesh wheels…



Crazy to see so many of these Wagons in one place… Some like the one above have pretty clean engine bay set-ups too…


EF slammed on Speed Star Racing MK1 wheels…


Chris Garay’s circuit-prepped CR-X…


RA3 Odyssey wearing a Mugen aero kit. Not sure what front grill that is. I could just go grab my Hyper Rev mag and find out but it’s like buried under a pile of books…


White AP2 S2000 on custom blue Desmond Marquis Promada wheels…


Simply done EF on Mugen MR5….


Roy from Symple Speed Garage’s Mugen-themed Civic sedan….


EP3 Civic on polished Volk Racing RE30s and a Mugen front lip…


Itasha or Moe-styled Civic….


Can’t remember the last time I saw an Azect front lip lately…


Mugen-themed EG6 Civic from Mexico…



Luis Jaimes’ Civic with its new ITB set-up and BYS front lip….



Jose Jaimes’ KR-X also now running individual throttle bodies….



The 2015 Eibach Honda Meet marked my first time seeing this interesting Spoon Sports-themed CR-X build. The exterior looks a bit random with all the manufacture brand logos and what not but I really like how the engine bay worked-out…


JDM EG6 SiR Civic running a First Molding carbon kevlar front lip and vented hood. If you’ll notice it also has the original silver SiR door moldings…



Cooper Boudia’s Spoon Sports-themed Integra build that I shot for Super Street a couple years ago….


CR-X with JDM EF8 SiR front end and SSR Formula Mesh….



A couple more shots of Jason Haradon’s beautifully-built and restored Civic build featuring ICB Japan seats…



Closing it out with some photos of this coupe belonging to the guy runs EnjoyLifeDriveSlow (or however its spelled). Dude straight ripped photos off from me in the past and cropped my watermarks out which kind of pissed me off but I’ve come to learn that I should just move on and not worry about it. Good luck to those guys over there. Some day there will be no more Stickydiljoe.com and I hope the future generations understand the importance of creating their own content and moving the community forward in the right direction. Maybe these guys will learn. In the mean time, the car doesn’t look half bad so here it is…

In any case, thanks for looking folks. Have a good one and I hope you enjoyed the coverage…

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  1. Nice one man, seeing this was like a time warp for me (2008 -pre stance) haha, nice to see the honda guys keeping it real & reminding me how much i love this jdm inspired movement.. while i enjoy most trends this was the one that i really got into & still appreciate the most.

  2. I dont really like hondas, but i do now! 😉

  3. What wheels are on the “Symple Speed Garage’s Mugen-themed Civic sedan?” Great coverage again Joey!

  4. Sick coverage !! Hey Joe, when i saw that odyssey up there it reminded me of yours, do you have any plans for your RA3 or are you building something or what? Just curious lol

  5. I noticed a Chronicles decal in the lower portion of the engine bay was that real or photo shop?

  6. Liked again realized it’s a water mark…duh!

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