The Chronicles Vlog 2017 #10 (Part 3): JDMyard & The World Time Attack Challenge…

Usually I like to leave a day or so gap in-between episodes of the Vlog series to give people time to watch it but I wanted to get this one up on YouTube and the site because the 23rd of October officially marks my 9th year working on The Chronicles. It started-out just as a fun little side project but wouldn’t you know it, some 3285 days later, we are here. I firmly believe that I am still at the very top of my craft and continuing to improve as time goes on. The video below is probably one of my favorites that I’ve ever put together since I started doing the Vlog series three years ago. It’s essentially scraps of footage that I collected and turned into a story that tells a pretty honest story of my encounter with the guys from JDMyard and their quest to reclaim the Open Class crown at WTAC 2017. Being able to witness stuff like this is what keeps me moving forward with The Chronicles. I hope you enjoy it as much I as I did putting it together. Thanks to the guys from JDMyard for allowing me to get in their way and make stupid jokes that nobody laughed at, lol.

“Adam Casmiri and the JDMyard/Hardrace K24 Turbo Civic hit the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge to once again conquer the Open Class Championship that they won in 2015. Watch as they fight a tough class of competitors in this wild 2-day event featuring some of the fastest time attack vehicles in the world…”

StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Tiffanie Marie (@tiffanie.marie)
Yonas Liu (@jdmyard_yonas)
Adam Casmiri (@adamcasmiri)
JDMyard (@jdmyard)
World Time Attack Challenge (@worldtimeattackchallenge)

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