Common Snapper and the 20B Turbo S30Z – CHRNCLS Vlog 2018 #1 (Part 4)

Turn-up the volume for this one because it will be one of the sweetest sounds you will hear all year as the Common Snapper S30Z rips through Suzuka Circuit with its Mazda 20B turbo rotary swap. This is the “Common Snapper” episode as we follow Noriaki Miyamoto at the track, take a rare up-close glimpse at the Esprit NSX, and take a tour around Common Snapper with all its cool and oddball project cars.

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
Salem (@simplysalem)
Noriaki Miyamoto (@commonsnapper)

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  1. That sound is glorious. Thanks for another great Vlog!

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